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May 25, 2008 06:35 AM

Oro Pomodoro - Rockville

Has anyone tried the new Italian restaurant in the Rockville Town Square -- Oro Pomodoro? If so, what did you think? I'm really hoping that their pizza is worth a visit.

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  1. Yes, it's excellent! Similar to 2Amys, but much much better. The pizza is actually cooked, not soggy, on one of the best crusts I've tasted. The pastas are very good too - everything is either homemade or imported from Italy. The only downside was service - when I was there, it had only been opened a few days and they still had some kinks to work out. Definitely give it a try!

    1. We had a terrible experience there tonight. The bartender didn't have the ingredients to make the drinks on their cocktail menu. They have a list of champagne cocktails, but they didn't have any champagne. I ended up w/ a martini (for $10.50) that was missing an ingredient and way too strong to drink. We had calamari, which was a little mushy, and a mozzarella/eggplant/tomato salad that was oily and came with rock-hard bread that was inedible. Our bar bill was $35 and we didn't feel good about paying it for what we got. When we got to a table, the manager was our waiter. We told him of our experience and he basically said it was too late to do anything about it. We had a pizza and he ended up taking $5 off our bill. We left with a really bad taste in our mouths. The pizza was good, but it wasn't worth all the bad service.

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        We went today for lunch and I won't be in a hurry to return. It was not crowded and we had 2 adults and my 2 small kids who were antsy but like I said it wasn't crowded and I figured pizza was a safe bet. Well, first it was apparent that they don't cater to families with little kids. No plastic or paper cups for the kids. Just the big glass water glasses. The server didn't want to leave glasses on the table, but with no alternative and the kids needing to drink something, I told him to leave all 4 glasses. He asked me twice. Anyway, I ordered mozzarella with roasted peppers and 2 pizzas (they're small) and asked for everything to be brought out at the same time (thinking then the kids wouldn't have to wait for pizza while we ate our appetizer). The mozzarella came out long before the pizza. The servers were discussing it, but I said not to worry about it. No reason to take it back. Fine. Pizza came, it was fine. We had margherita and the kids had marinara. It was good. Then the server asked if we wanted the leftovers boxed. I said yes and asked for the check. Check paid, no pizza. Kids antsy. I ask for pizza and the server looks dumbfounded and says I told him to throw it out. No, I didn't (my niece said we both asked for a box). No offer of anything. No apology. We left. Without the pizza we paid for. I had antsy kids with me or I would have asked to speak to the manager. I did email them about it, but I don't plan to go back. It's pricey for what it is and a bit too trendy for me.

      2. I tried this place about 3 weeks ago with some co-workers and we did not have a great experience. The menus they gave us were old and had the wrong prices on them so when our bills came out to be higher and we questioned it, the waiters gave us a really hard time. The manager came over and gave us our food at the old menu price but was not nice about it. The wait staff is RUDE!! The whole time we stood at the bar to order to go, the bartender was no where to be found, after 10 MINUTES someone finally went to get her. Then when we showed her the menu price, she said "you can wit for the manager because I am not going to change it. Then she just walked away and kept her back to us. She didn't even get the manager!

        MaybeI m a glutton for punishment but I figured that maybe it was just a fluke day, so I went again today for lunch to give the place a second chance. NEVER AGAIN!!!! The staff is incredibly rude!! I had to order to go, so I had to order from the bar again, but there was a guy bartender this time. He took my order (Vesuvio Panini) and then turned his back to me and read a magazine. Never asked if I needed a drink or so much as looked at me again. I smiled as the wait staff would walk past and not even one was friendly enough to smile back or speak. One waitress even gave me a dirty look! I then saw 2 carry out dishes brought to the bar. The Bartender walked over to them, put a ticket on them and went back to his magazine. 8 minutes later, he walked back over to the dishes, bagged them up and gave them to me after explaining that they didn't have 1 dish large enough and they had cut my sandwich in half to fit in two. (no big deal) then turned and walked away. The sandwich cost $9.50, and had one piece of Italian ham and one slice of tomatoe and so little lettuce, you can't see it. It was actually pretty good but not $10.00 good. I was so angry and frustrated, I sent emails all through my office fo no one to go there and warn everyone we know in the area. I hope they go under and a respectable resteraunt can get the location. (p.s. They gave me an old menu again! I showed the hostess to let her know the difference. lol this place is a joke)

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          i actually went there on Saturday and had the complete different experience. The waiter was great and so was the food. i would definitely reccomend it!

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            I'm with Elliot - went to Oro Pomodoro twice, and had fabulous food and service. Staff was exemplary from the host through the waiter and runners, and the owner/manager came out (it was quiet) and had a nice conversation about their vision for the place.

        2. Finally got a chance to go to Oro Pomodoro on Sunday afternoon for a late lunch. It was a lovely day and we were able to sit outside. The ambiance was wonderful -- the trees provided shade and the sound of the fountains was really relaxing. Our server, Oscar, was great -- attentive and friendly. (The runners were a bit confused -- they tried to serve us pizzas that belonged to other tables 3 times.) We shared an order of the Arancini Riso with Truffles (rice balls) and found them to be quite dry and tasteless and not enhanced by the accompanying sauces, although the sauces were good on their own. We also shared a Rugola salad which was very good, very fresh, but over-dressed -- next time I would ask for the dressing on the side. Finally, we ordered 2 pizzas: the Stagioni and the Oro Pomodoro. The pizzas were great! Were they on a par with Pizzeria Paradiso? Not quite. Were they the best pizza we've found in the Rockville/Gaithersburg area? Absolutely! Will we be back? You bet! By the way, the cost for 1 appetizer, 1 salad, 2 pizzas and 1 glass of wine was $52 before tip.

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