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Cocktails w/ Aperol

just bought a bottle, and i'm looking for suggestions

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  1. unfamiliar, what's it taste like?

      1. re: barleywino

        thanks, i thought it was compari-like, something i do not enjoy for the intensity of it. this sounds like i might be more interested....

        1. re: jspear

          it is absolutely campri-ish. but a little more complex in flavor.

          but if you do not like the medicine cabinet smell of campari you prob. won't like this either

          1. re: thew

            I have only had it with soda and it seemed harsh. I'm open to something new....

            1. re: jspear

              Campari and grapefruit juice is one of my favorite summer drinks. I add a little soda to lighten and give a little fizz....

              1. re: FlyerFan

                I live on this (Campari/ grapefruit) during the summer, and frequently add a bit of Plymouth. It's great with Aperol as well. These two drinks lend themselfves well to bitters, so it's fun to experiment with all the difrferent flavors and complexities.

      2. In Venice they drink Aperol like a spritzer; mixed with white wine and garnished with a green olive. It's great

        1. I enjoy an Aperol Sour:

          5 parts Aperol
          2 parts Lemon Juice
          1 part Simple Syrup
          2 dashes Orange Bitters

          There's a recipe on the bottle (I'm currently out of the stuff) that is good too (vodka + aperol / etc). I like it with soda water on ice too.

          1. thanks

            i had orange vodka/aperol/grapefruit juice in a bar the other night very good indeed

            last night i modified the aperol sour recipe by replacing the orange bitters and simple syrup with stirrings blood orange bitters - which are plenty sweet on their own

            very yummy.

            tonight i plan on the same thing with gin added into the mix.

            1. Try mixing a bit of Aperol with white white. It can be very refreshing.

              1. A few weeks ago at the Gran Bar Roma on Via Veneto I had a Topazio, which was described on the menu as Campari, Aperol and vodka, with a twist of orange. Shaken, served in a martini glass. It was delightful. I brought home a bottle of Aperol to try to recreate it.

                1. Someone on my FB feed described a perfect springtime drink, and I'm finding it weirdly addictive, maybe because it's so light and airy, almost wispy and insubstantial but then you realize actually there's a lot going on, it's just delicate. Anyway, it's simply Aperol, Dolin dry vermouth, and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice shaken thoroughly with ice and strained into a chilled cocktail glass. If you need it to have more oomph I'm sure you could play around with gin, vodka, or perhaps bitters, but the weird gentleness of it might grow on you. I've been doing 2 oz-3/4 oz-1 oz, but I should play around with ratios some more just for curiosity's sake I s'pose.

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                    ETA: upon fussing a bit with ratios I'm finding I prefer it the following way:

                    2 oz Aperol
                    3/4 to 1 oz dry vermouth (Dolin), to taste
                    3/4 oz fresh grapefruit juice
                    1 dash Regan's Orange bitters (optional)

                    Shake with ice until thoroughly chilled and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

                  2. I like making Americanos with Aperol.

                    Something I was messing with a few days ago...

                    1 oz of sweet vermouth
                    1 oz of Orange juice
                    1 oz of Aperol (or Campari)
                    1 oz of London style dry gin
                    several dashes of bitters

                    Shake and pour over the rocks in a highball glass.
                    Top off with soda water and stir.

                    It's like a citrus Negroni, with bubbles...

                    I'll have to try the above with dry vermouth later.

                    1. One of the best Aperol drinks I had last year was LeNell Smothers' Good Humor (named because it tastes like their orange creamsicle frozen treat!)

                      2 oz Aperol
                      1/2 oz Cream
                      1 Egg Yolk
                      Shake once without ice and once with. Strain into a coupe glass and garnish with grated nutmeg.

                      For more of the drink's history: http://cocktailvirgin.blogspot.com/20...

                      1. Kindred Cocktails has a couple of dozen uses for Aperol. A few of my favs:

                        2 to 2 (by Stephen Cole, The Violet Hour)
                        1 1/2 oz Aperol
                        1 oz Absinthe
                        1 oz Lemon juice
                        1/4 oz Simple syrup
                        1 ds Orange bitters
                        1 twst Orange peel (flamed, as garnish)

                        Intro to Aperol (by Audrey Saunders, Pegu Club)
                        2 oz Aperol
                        1 oz Gin
                        3/4 oz Lemon juice
                        1/4 oz Simple syrup
                        1 ds Angostura bitters
                        1 twst Orange peel (as garnish)

                        Paper Plane (by Sam Ross, Little Branch)
                        3/4 oz Bourbon
                        3/4 oz Aperol Nonino
                        3/4 oz Amaro
                        3/4 oz Lemon juice

                        Sorella Negroni (by Dan Chadwick, me)
                        1 oz Gin
                        1 oz Aperol
                        1/2 oz Sweet vermouth, Punt e Mes
                        1/2 oz Dry vermouth
                        2 ds Orange bitters

                        www.kindredcocktails.com | Craft + Collect + Concoct + Categorize + Community

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                        1. re: EvergreenDan

                          how does that intro to aperol play with hendricks

                          can it stand up to the aperol, as it is pretty strong, i have had some gin / aperol drinks but not found one that is the right balance to me, but they were made without hendricks my gin of choice

                          1. re: EvergreenDan

                            My understanding is that Audrey's intention was to create a very accessible amaro-based cocktail. Intro to Aperol is easy-drinking. I like the interplay between juniper and bitter orange Aperol. Hendricks isn't my go-to gin, but I think cucumber and rose would be find secondary flavors. Given the quantities, the Aperol definitely leads the flavor charge. The bitter / sweet / sour paradigm is a favorite of mine.

                            Of the above, I think Paper Plane is simply not to be missed. The recipe is very flexible. Subbing Ramazzotti and Campari gives a variation some call a Paper Airplane. So if you don't have Nonino, try Ramazzotti or another pie-spice type amaro, such as Averna, Lucano, or CioCiaro.

                            1. re: EvergreenDan

                              Paper Plane (by Sam Ross, Little Branch)
                              3/4 oz Bourbon
                              3/4 oz Aperol Nonino
                              3/4 oz Amaro
                              3/4 oz Lemon juice

                              ^ this should say 'amaro nonino'

                              1. re: EvergreenDan

                                Here's a variation on the Paper Plane I made tonight.

                                3/4 oz Bourbon (Evan Williams Single Barrel)
                                3/4 oz Aperol
                                3/4 oz Absinthe (Green Fairy)
                                3/4 oz Lemon juice

                                Tasty and powerful.

                                I'm new to absinthe. Apparently Green Fairy is an inferior Czech brand, but it seemed to work well in this drink.

                              2. You can also use it to make a nice variation on the Boulevardier.

                                1.5 oz. bourbon or rye
                                1 oz. sweet vermouth
                                1 oz. Aperol (usually Campari)

                                Stir with ice, strain into cocktail glass, garnish with orange peel or cherry.