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May 25, 2008 02:51 AM

Servers/separate checks and were professional

I recently completed a 10 day tour where most of us had separate checks, and the two couples who didn't, well, it wasn't always easy for the servers to remember because they weren't necessarily sitting together.

Not once did any of them display their feelings about what must have been a real hassle considering that at times there were 18 of us, and the minimum was often16.

Often the servers auctioned off the meals but who can blame them, especially when the restaurants in question were not exactly high end.

I know how much of a hassle separate checks can be so I was impressed and tipped them more than 20% because I suspected some of my fellow travelers didn't feel the same or understand the difficulty.

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  1. A 10 day eating tour? What fun! How fortunate that you didn't encounter any bumps along the way.

    Good on you for tipping 20%.

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    1. re: dolores

      It wasn't an eating tour, but we ate a lot during our 8 state, 4000+ mile trip. I didn't mention the fast food joints we also went to because sometimes nature was in charge and there wasn't time to waste. The last day we went to McDonald's. Not being a fan of FF, I hit my limit and as I entered I stopped and said to a fellow traveler "I've hit the wall.".

      I must say that the employees of those FF places were also gracious and did their best when 16-18 of us descended upon them, obviously overwhelming them.

    2. honestly - i have no idea what you're talking about.

      you're complaining about 4 people who had a joint check when 18 of you (or 14 of you if you minus the "two couples") were getting separate checks? seriously?

      maybe the waitstaff coudl ask a question to clarify who needed 4 on their tab. congratulations on tipping 20%. it sounds like you have no idea as to what others did - maybe they tipped 30%? i just don't get why you are complaining about this.

      also - why not give some of the establishments some props and name who they were.

      finally - fast food places should be able to handle 16 people -- i don't think that's gracious, it's more their job; that's what they are for.

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      1. re: dtud

        Wow. Obviously I was misinterpreted because I was trying to compliment the servers, not complain! My point about the couples who weren't sitting together and yet were on the same tab was further proof, to me, how the servers maintained their cool without letting on it was a hassle.

        I know that separate checks are a real pain, especially with large groups and the servers were pros. That's all. As for tipping, I hope my cohorts tipped well, but my gut said not all of them did. Frankly, some of us were more sophisticated in terms of the workings of a restaurant than others, although I didn't witness any rudeness on behalf of my fellow travelers, either.

        I'd name the restaurants if I could but frankly I don't remember because we were in different towns every day. I can pin it down to states, as in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, New Mexico and maybe a couple of others. As for the FF places, even a busload of 16 people descending on them at once has got to be a bit overwhelming because they still have the normal amount of customers in addition to us, considering that we were in relatively rural areas at times.

        Sorry for the misunderstanding although I'm not sure why you thought I was complaining, but whatever. I was pretty tired when I wrote that so I obviously didn't get my point across the way I meant to.

        1. re: marcia

          I got it, marcia. While I don't envy the bus tour, I do envy the eating across the different states. That must have been great fun.

          1. re: marcia

            I don't think that dtud missed your praise of the service, but was more responding to what appeared to be a complaint about the two couples who took a joint check, who, even if they were sitting apart, possibly minimised the hassle of each person taking his or her own check.