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hello, LA MILL lovers....

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I do not intend to start another love/hate debate. Just want to know what your favorite drink (coffee/tea), menu items, baked goods, and desserts are??? I'm making my way out there tomorrow, so would appreciate a little pointer.

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  1. weakest items are the pastries. instead, go for the drinks and the food. i like espresso con panna, vanilla or mocha latte, crab or mushrooms with eggs, asian blt.

    1. Lattes are not nearly as good as those at Peet's.
      Egg dish with mushrooms is very good, yet the portion is quite small.

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        I strongly disagree. While Peet's is great for my everyday fix, they can't hold a candle to the espresso-based drinks at LA Mill. The coffee beans, the roast, the machines, and even the cups are far superior at LA Mill. Believe me, I want to prefer the much cheaper and more easily accessed drinks at Peet's but they just aren't nearly as good.

        LA Mill tops Caffe Luxxe and Inteligentsia by a hair and even those two establishments clearly outshine the solid, yet now merely pedestrian, Peet's.

        1. re: Frommtron

          Thin, vapid, no depth of flavor are not characteristics of a latte I want to drink, and those words describe the latte I had at LA Mill, about two or so weeks ago.
          I do not drink the machine, I only drink the end result product, and to me and the person with me that day, LA Mill could not hold a candle to the latte at Peet's.
          Sorry, you lose and pay more to do so. Hype is so wonderful.
          Yes, I realize Peet's does not pretend to serve serious food, yet I also do not go there for food. I go there for a good latte, and the one in Studio City really delivers. The one in Tarzana does not, the one in BH seldom does, the one in Westwood NEVER does, the Larchmont one does from time to time, the one in Brentwood can, depending on when I am there relative to when the bicyclists arrive, etc.
          I know what I like and Peet's Studio City does it VERY well.

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            i can't understand how the peets in westwood serves horrible drinks while all the other peets i've tried serve good drinks.. .. .

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              I go to Peet's nearly every day. It's still very good. It used to be some of the best the city had to offer. But just as people used to drink Yuban brewed in a percolator, things change.

              The beans at LA Mill are higher quality. I prefer the roast at LA Mill because I think Peet's goes just a bit too far towards burnt. The espresso pulls are all ristrettos at LA Mill and are, by their very nature, stronger. The lattes come with four of those very short, concentrated shots that are the equivalent volume of the two regular shots served at Peet's. A latte made with that amount of coffee coffee grounds and coming out as you described is defying some pretty astronomical odds. I can only guess that maybe you requested the amount of espresso to be lowered to two of LA Mill's shots which would be the equivalent of getting a latte with a single shot of espresso at Peet's.

              The espresso shots I had from LA Mill bear no resemblance to your description. And they shouldn't with all the care that's put into them. Believe me, I don't want to pay so much for an espresso . . . and 90% of the time I don't. LA Mill coffee is a special extravagance.

              This is not a matter of hype, it's a matter of taste and the proof is in that demitasse cup. You can disagree but I'd recommend revisiting LA Mill and your opinion.

              1. re: Frommtron

                No modification to my latte order, just drank what was served.
                I am sure there is more to their coffee than my one experience, yet to return, I will just have a cup of coffee, not a latte, yet will have to be in that neighborhood to do so as it represents no special driving destination for me, and Sherman Oaks is definitely not next door.

              2. re: carter

                I'm sure you're a very good judge of what you like and don't like in a latte. But that drink (Big gulp of espresso drinks) really doesn't let one judge how good or bad the shot of espresso is.

              3. re: Frommtron

                Peet's in Studio City does a MUCH better job with a regular latte than LA Mill. I do not go to Peet's for food, seldom even for pastry, and definitely not for desserts, eggs, etal.
                Not all Peet's are created equal, as the one in Tarzana is awful for lattes, as is the one in Westwood, while the BH, Brentwood and Larchmont ones can be good, depending on time, barista, etc.
                But this hype for LA Mill is not a universal acceptance for all products and all people. As I said, the egg dish was very good, yet also very small and very expensive as to value, yet ultimately very good. But I definitely would not order another latte there.
                Sorry for the double post - it took way too long for this lame server to register the previous post, and thus the repost.

            2. Baked goods are universally bad IMO, I like the simple pure clover preparation of their Ethiopian or Black Onyx.

              1. Try any of the real desserts, not the pastries. I love the passion fruit gelee but the sweet potato pie and the coffee panna cotta are also brilliant.

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                  I've had the first tow desserts you mention and think they are superb. Going to have to try the coffee panna cotta next. Thanks!

                2. I'm not a coffee drinker but loved the chai latte. Was less of a fan of the hong kong milk tea.

                  1. Pink Lady (sweetened berry hibiscus tea topped with soda) - great
                    Vanilla Latte - rather ordinary, was expecting better
                    Scone - so-so

                    1. Wonderful shots of Espresso, Clover Coffee, Eva Solo Coffee, Asian BLT was pretty tasty and desserts have been good.

                      1. Haven't bothered with the baked goods or the pastries so I can't speak to that.

                        For coffee, my favorite varietal is Kenyan so I'd go with a Clover brew of that. I'll second the Asian BLT. I also enjoyed the frisee aux lardons and any of their scrambled egg dishes are truly superb. It's just so nice when a place will serve scrambled eggs properly instead of some overcooked, dry, burnt garbage.

                        1. For non-coffee options, I loved the "Mojito" drink, which was mint, lime juice, and cane sugar with soda. Really one of the best, most refreshing drinks I've had in a long time.

                          Yesterday, I had the ABLT, which is a BLT with pork belly instead of bacon. It was very good, but the braised cippolini onions really carried the plate. My wife got the arctic char tartate and that was also very good.

                          The only disappointment was the service - it was terribly slow. They had too few servers for the room, so the coffee drinks sat on the counter too long waiting to be delivered to the table. The result was that one of our coffee drinks arrived cold and had to be sent back. They were nice, but overwhelmed. Frankly, that's a rather amateurish mistake to make, given the quality of this place.

                          1. Thanks for your quick tips, everyone. Here's a quick note of what we had today:

                            Lavender Lemonade--my daughter enjoys it

                            "Mojito"--very refreshing

                            Frisee au Lardon--quite good

                            ????? Caesar--my daughter doesn't like the red bell pepper and thinks the dressing is too peppery, otherwise it is good

                            Salmon Tartar--comes with very good brioche

                            Clam Fritters--a little too "bready" for me but the yuzu mayo is AMAZING

                            Coffee Panna Cotta with Coconut Ravioli and Bailey's Ice Cream--I think there is more booze in the panna cotta than the ice cream, but VERY delicious

                            Passionfruit Gelee--THIS IS SO GOOD, I WANT MORE

                            Liquid Lollipops( White Chocolate w/ Apricot center & Dark Chocolate w/ Green Tea center)--brilliant, my daughter loves the white pop

                            Decaf Cappucino--while I'm no coffee connoisseur, I can tell the coffee is of very good quality. it would be too strong for me if to drink alone but it's perfect with dessert. (Caffe Luxxe is still my favorite though)

                            Overall my daughter and I enjoy the little feast and love the space and decor. Service is slow but sincere. Daughter is amazed to see the siphoning on the table. Would love to go back to try their specialy drinks and do a dessert tasting. Wish they would open in Santa Monica.

                            p.s. On my last visit, I enjoyed the crab with eggs very much but it's only served before 3 pm. We arrived too late for it today. Also tried the ABLT last time and thought the pork was too dry, and the black beans made the sandwich too salty for me.

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                              first visit today... love it. I had the sumatran peaberry in chemex, nice caramel flavors. Potato soup and smoked trout also both very good. Nice change to have good food in a 'coffee shop" to accompany the beverages.

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                                Daughter saw many people having PB & J sandwiches and was curious about it. Wonder if any of you tried? And how was it?

                                1. re: fdb

                                  Now *that's* a follow up report!

                                2. This isn't really what this post is about, but when I saw LA MILL in the subject line I couldn't resist joining in. This weekend several of us headed to LA MILL for brunch. While we were waiting I was shocked when one of our group told me that I was mispronouncing the name of the place. I had assumed it was L.A. Mill, as in "Los Angeles Mill". As it turns out, the name LAMILL is actually pronounced "lah-mill". Not wishing to be the victim of a prank (and with this group it was a distinct possibility) I casually asked a nearby waitress if it was true. Apparently it is. La Mill… Who new?

                                  Btw, I thought the Siphoned Brazilian coffee was fantastic and their ABLT was definitely worth getting again. I also thought the clam fritters were very good, but just make sure to ask for extra of the lemony aioli. You’ll want it for dipping for those crispy russet chips.