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May 25, 2008 12:45 AM

Help! Brunch in/near Rogers Park

My parents are in town for this weekend and, after Mass ends at 1 p.m. today, they want to grab breakfast/brunch somewhere in the area. Can a Chowhound suggest some places that might work for us? Thank you!

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  1. Leona's on Sheridan Road serves brunch on Sunday until 2:00, I think ( ). If you're interested in Mediterranean, you can go to Reza's on Clark street ( ) - I think they also serve a buffet until 2:00.

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    1. re: tktchr

      I wouldn't bother with Reza's on Clark. Their quality has really deteriorated lately. We were there a couple of times recently and none of the food was even luke warm. There was only one small inadequate burner under each big platter. I don't know about the other Reza's in the city

      1. re: johnh91011

        Too bad--I've always loved Reza's and was planning on hitting it on my return trip to Chicago--haven't been in 3 years.

        Never like Leone's.

        And always liked (a little further south) Calo's.

    2. Morseland on Morse just west off Sheridan is good. Nice quiet atmosphere, great coffee (plus full bar), and decent to very good food (depending on what you pick).

      1. UncommonGround just opened a new location on Devon, (1401 west). The menu looks great:

        If you're willing to go farther south (5707 n. Clark), there's M. Henry, which also has a nice brunch menu (though they close the cafe at 3 on Sundays, so that might not leave you much time.):

        Personally, I'd stay away from Leonas, which has always underwhelmed me. (Same goes for the Heartland, which never has understood the concept of seasoning.)

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          I find these answers interesting. I left Chicago over 17 years ago and just heard that the Heartland is still opened. I never understood it's appeal even back then.

          I also note that the OP was eating last Sunday--it's a little late for recommendations now--but the info is interesting.