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May 24, 2008 10:29 PM

Philly fish markets?

Hi there - I was wondering whether anyone knows of some great fishmongers in town. I live in Center City, but am willing to go anywhere. I just need to find a place where things are impeccably fresh - fresh enough for making ceviche - but hopefully a bit cheaper than Whole Paycheck. That's where I've been defaulting to, because I haven't really found anything in the Italian Market where I feel confident enough about the quality.

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  1. Ippolito's on 13th and Dickinson in South Philly.

    1. We have a British friend who swears by Chinatown (sorry I don't know the exact shop) for freshness and low prices. Yi's in the Reading Terminal Market seems reliably good, though I'm not sure how inexpensive they are. You can buy wild Alaskan salmon (frozen fillets) at The Fair Food Project in RTM as well, but admittedly not cheap. Steer clear of Super Fresh as their seafood appears to be neither super nor fresh.

      1. The fish market at 10th & Arch, northwest corner, next to the Troc.
        Fresh, cheap, and the cashier speaks English.

        1. listen to Philly Ray. Go to Ippolitos. There is simply no better fresher fish in the city or its surrounds (unless you are fishing yourself). They will get you anything you want in about 24 hours if they don't have it.