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May 24, 2008 08:04 PM

24th birthday gathering delima...

I was born and raised in New Orleans, Since the storm I have lived in Atlanta, Ga. I come back home ever so often to visit and clear my head but never really go out to dine because my family would cook what I ask them to cook for me since I can't really get those good ingrediants to taste the
Anywho, My birthday is on Sat ad I want to have my siblings and parents to gather at a nice place thats affordable yet where we can laugh loud and still wear casual clothes. Do anyone know of such places? Keeping in mind that my dad is the typical dad that it's hard to get in a "casual clothing" mood. But Who cares It's my birthday weekend.
Thanks N.O.L.A~Peach

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    1. Mr. B's is barely average at best..... IMO.......

      1. I think that Mr. B’s would be an excellent choice.
        Mr. B’s Bistro is rated by some as: “Excellent and ambitious”. Others call it “best restaurant” in New Orleans. Mobil rates it as a Three-Star restaurant with “excellent food, attentive and skillful service and enjoyable décor”.
        The service is more than you expect. The James Beard Foundation rates Mr. B’s as “Best Service”.
        The food, best described as modern Creole, is as good as it gets. My favorite is the Gumbo Ya Ya but the pasta jambalaya is also superb. The barbecue shrimp recipe was created by Chef Gerard Maras and has more flavor than Pascal's Manale.
        Mr. B's is affordable, but not cheap. depending on what you order, drink, etc. It is casual and the wait staff makes you feel welcome.
        I think it would be a perfect match for your birthday party requirements.
        Happy Birthday, Peach.

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        1. re: speyerer

          Thanks for the birthday wishes. Would dressing casual be necessary or should we just do the fashion trend at the moment?

          1. re: NolaPeach

            Walking shorts are allowed at Mr. B's, but no jeans.

            1. re: speyerer

              I wear jeans all the time at Mr. B' the gumbo Ya-Ya and whatever fish is being cooked on the plank. The burgers looked pretty tasty as well. For dessert, it's always the PROFITEROLES AND CHOCOLATE SAUCE...yum! It is especially fun for a BDay. The lunch menu is affordable.
              Then I go across the street for a ride on the Carousel bar at the Monteleone.

              1. re: edible complex

                Sorry, I didn't consider jeans "business casual" or "upscale casual".

            2. re: NolaPeach

              I directed your question to Mr. B's and received this answer from Julie Brignac, Director of Sales & Marketing

              "Our dress is upscale casual which means that some gentleman wear suits, some
              wear jeans, and it's hot - some wear shorts! Just no tank tops or cut-off shorts."

              1. re: speyerer

                Hey, Summer in NOLA is what white suits and Haspel "pin-feather" were designed for. OTOH, whatever makes one comfortable.

                On to Mr. B's: it was good, pre-K, but have not dined there after. Since it re-opened, is it still good?


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  have enjoyed many a fine lunch at Mr. B's post-K. always a fun time!

          2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Though not a favorite of mine, many love Jacques Imos. ( I do however, enjoy their fried chicken). Funky, casual, large menu, large portions. You can make reservations for a party of 5 or more. Vincent's could probably accomodate you in a back room. A pretty big menu, casual neighborhood Italian. I've always enjoyed my meals there.

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            1. re: JazzyB

              Thanks for the wishes as well, also my family consist of 5 todlers( my siblings kids) would this be a good idea to take them here?

              1. re: NolaPeach

                I don't think it would be a problem in either place but give them a call to be sure.

              1. re: N.O.Food

                Weird, my post didn;t show up.

                AVOID Mr. B's it's an average tourist trap at best......