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May 24, 2008 07:35 PM

Looking for a a great sunday brunch

Looking for ideas opinions on the best sunday brunch in L.A. We have friends coming in from San Francisco and want to go somewhere different. Doesn't have to be fancy or super high end, but food needs to be fabulous. Open to new ideas.

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  1. A couple of places in Venice come to mind, 3 Square Cafe and Joe's, both on Abbot Kinney.

    1. Hotel Bel Air always does a superb, yet not inexpensive job.
      Square One in Hollywood, on Fountain behind the Scientology Center.
      While the food can be good enough, the setting at Cliff's Edge in Silver Lake is superb, weather permitting. Of course for better food in that area, LA Mill and Blairs are both quite recommendable, yet hardly the same either.
      BLD on Beverly just east of the Grove is also very good in an industrialish kind of setting with very good food.

      1. i love the brunch served at cafe del rey.
        it is a three course meal and cost about $40/pp before tax and tip.

        1. I really like the brunch at Jar. They have amazing chilaquiles. Are they authentic? Not so much. Are they delicious? Hell, yeah.

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            Jar is great for brunch. Great food, service and ambiance. Good variety. No buffet.

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              Great Lobster Benedict for brunch at Jar!