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May 24, 2008 07:01 PM

New Banh Mi place Lynnwood- Yeh Yeh's

Checked out Yeh Yeh's up on 200th SW just off Highway 99 today. It's right behind the Star Fruit and Veg store. The prices are reasonable, and the sammiches were quite good. They range in price from $2.75 to I think $4 for the salmon special. The BBQ pork I had was quite tasty. They have some Vietnamese hot dishes and apps there, must try them next time. Good little place!!!

The Star place had loads of interesting foods from all over the world including a bunch of really cheap Russian stuff.

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  1. Star is part of my regular grocery rounds (followed by half price 'cook'books and traders). The Yeh Yeh sign has been up for months. Nice to know they are open.

    Star is a good source for Banh Mi bread, especially right after they get a big shipment. They also carry Eurobake bread (various Eastern European styles of bread) from Portland.


    1. I tried this place, too. The tofu banh mi was delicious, and my friends loved the grilled chicken one. Good sized, too. I totally recommend it!

      1. Very nice. Szechwan 99 for dinner, then banh mi's for lunch the next day.

        I used to get my Russian bread fix at Paldo World in Bellevue (which has since stopped carrying them) Glad to hear Star has it too.

        1. I tried Yeh Yeh's yesterday. I got a standard banh mi thit nuong. It did its job. I also tried their spring rolls, which was not your standard shrimp and rice noodle spring roll, but they instead put a long piece of Vietnamese spam in it for the filling along with the rice noodle and lettuce. Pretty interesting.

          We also got some Armenian pastries for breakfast the next day at Star. Nice.

          Somewhat nearby, on Bothell-Everett Highway and Hwy 524 right by the Indian grocery store, there's a new Vietnamese sandwich place (they've apparently been there for 8 months but just decided to put a sign on their storefront). They use 3 kinds of sliced Vietnamese pork rolls (cha lua?) and bologna for their banh mi's, plus a generous layer of pate on the roll. Only $2.50, so it's a nice snack, but I prefer my banh mi with the grilled meat instead of sliced meat.

          To date, my favorite banh mi is either the place in the Great Wall Mall or Saigon Deli.

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          1. re: HungWeiLo

            Hung, do you have a name for the Bothell-Everett highway sandwich place? Or an address I can punch into my GPS?
            what is "standard banh mi thit nuong"?
            i am exploring the banh mi world. Which one would I order if I wanted the everyday banh mi most common?

            1. re: ritabwh

              After some research, I found out that the name is "#1 Donuts and Deli". That's right. Banh mi and donuts.

              20710 Bothell Everett Hwy
              Bothell, WA 98012
              (425) 486-5358

              From my limited "restaurant" Vietnamese:
              Banh mi = baguette sandwich
              thit = meat, in this case implying pork?
              nuong = to grill

              I don't think this donut place has the thit nuong, but I think what they serve is the Hanoi style of banh mi (with the bologna-like cha lua and pate). I haven't been there in a while, so I don't know if they're still open. There's a new Mayuri outpost across the street now for Indian food (I wasn't terribly impressed, but that's another post).

              1. re: HungWeiLo

                #1 Donuts and Deli has "okay" sandwiches. IMO, Yeh Yeh's are way better in comparison.

                Go to #1 Donuts for their egg rolls.....big, full of meat.....cold rolls are good too. Not a bad donut either

                1. re: HungWeiLo

                  Thank you to Hung and Urika.
                  My sister is driving up this weekend, so we'll head out to the #1 Donut and Deli.\
                  Lol. I love that name. Reminds me of some extrememly expressive English names for Chinese dishes.
                  I too have read that the pate is standard in vietnam. So I will be very very interested in tasting their pate. Bologna? Really?

                  1. re: HungWeiLo

                    I stopped by #1 Donuts today. I ordered the Pork Bahn Mi.
                    It was a cold sandwich.
                    3 different meats were in the sandwich.
                    I think i recognized headcheese and spam. I didn't know what the very pale thin sliced meat was. I tasted something else, and I'm think it must be the pate, but I didn't see it when I peeked into the sandwich.
                    It was not a bad sandwich at all, and for $2.75, great value.
                    I still like Yeh Yeh's.
                    I took a picture of my half-eaten sandwich. I will post if anyone is interested.

              2. Tried the chicken, pork and beef sandwiches, total $10

                Nice amounts of meat and fillings for the sandwiches. Great bread.

                Lynnwood should be so lucky to have Yeh Yeh's.

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                1. re: urika

                  Another thread here got me wondering--what's your favorite Banh mi place in the greater Seattle area?