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May 24, 2008 06:32 PM

how to use up Appleton 12 yr old rum?

I got my hands on a 12 year old Appleton a month ago or so and finally cracked it... I was a little unimpressed and found it too flat and rough to drink as is. The problem is that I am not a big cocktail fan, I like my martinis the Churchill way (the vermouth bottle just brushes past the martini glass), and don't even look at other cocktails (perhaps a mojito on a summer day, or if you force me a margarita). Is there a way for me to use this rum other than using it as a fuel for flambee? Or in other words, what are your purist cocktail recipes for this type of spirit? Nothing too sweet, and something that respects the roots of the spirit as much as possible. Merci!

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  1. It's what I use in my Mai Tais when I make them at home. You see, Trader Vic originally used J. Wray & Nephew 17-year rum in the Mai Tai back when he invented it in 1944, and the 12-year is as close as you can get to that original spirit. If you happen to have some Martinique rum around, replace some of the Jamaican rum with it. I used to use a bit more orgeat, but scaled back recently; the almond notes should be subtle.

    The Original Trader Vic's Mai Tai
    Juice of a large lime
    2 ounces Appleton Estate Extra (the rum you have)
    1/2 ounce orgeat syrup
    1/4 ounce simple syrup
    3/4 ounce orange curaçao

    Shake like the dickens with plenty of crushed ice, and pour into a double old-fashioned glass. Garnish with a spent lime shell and sprig of mint. I find it to be a well balanced drink, but if you find it too sweet then ditch the rock candy syrup, and maybe 1/4 ounce of the orange curaçao.

    1. First a caveat; I'm not at home,Imake most of my drinks by eyeballing,and so the measurements are subject to significant revision. A further caveat;traditionally, these are made with white rum, but I like them better with one with some age on it. third, did you put the appleton over some ice and just squeeze a wedge of lime into it? That's my preferred way to drink it and I do like the stuff. anyway, if you haven't given up by this point, here's a plain old real Daquiri. Approx. 2 oz rum, juice of 1 medium lime, 1 oz simple syrup, mix over ice in a tall glass, then add a little plain soda(no more than an oz or 2, garnish with a lime wedge and/or a cherry. find a hammock.

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        Actually lime helped a lot. And lots of rocks...Thanks! It is a little bit abrasive, but very drinkable in moderation. With that said, I will try some cocktails with it as well.

      2. I suggest you make a fruitcake, the "white" kind is best using high quality dried fruit. Poke holes in it with a toothpick or skewer and pour the Appleton into the holes so it soaks into the cake. Let it age 4-6 weeks and it will mellow. I did this for Christmas presents a couple of years ago and it was a huge hit.

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          Boy, I'd have to like fruitcake a whole lot more to use an Appleton 12 yo to soak it. Not to say I don't like fruitcake, but I do believe that it will work well with a Ron Matuselam Anejo, and then I can drink the Appleton.

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            You don't have to make a $(*@#%(*& fruitcake in order to make a *rum cake*. A nice dark chocolate cake recipe soaked in rum and covered with a rum/brownsugar glaze will rock your world. I also like apple cake, raisin cake, carrot cake!, and all cakes beginning with the letter V this way....

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              Yeah, what you say is true. But you still don't need to use a 12 year old rum to cook with. In fact, something like Cruzan Black Navy or Gosling's Blackstrap would give much more of the rum flavor, without using up a $30 bottle of fine drinking rum.

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                Absolutely. I use Myer's dark for my cakes, and drink my Appleton (I have both 12 yo and XV) depending on the whim of the day. Appleton is my "go to" rum when I'm not feeling adventurous and want something comforting.

        2. It's not a cocktail, and it doesn't respect the roots, but my buddy soaks pineapple in his Appleton 12 year and then eats it over ice cream.

          CA Scotch Chick

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            Dang, I'm gonna try that this week. Wow, wow. thanks !

          2. Rocks glass full of ice, fill with rum, garnish with 1/4 of a lime.