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May 24, 2008 06:01 PM

Help! Best High-End Brunch Place for Tomorrow

Hi. I'm new to the board and only been in the area for a little bit. My parents are in town tomorrow (Sunday), and wanted to get a nice brunch with some of their friends - a few of whom are true foodies. I'm looking for recommendations for the best fancy brunch place around Boston/Cambridge. Was thinking Sel de la Terre, but hoping for other suggestions! Looking generally for more 'lunchish' food. Thanks!

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  1. Sel de la Terre is a good call. Other quick picks:

    Eastern Standard in Kenmore, a "Boston brasserie".

    Blue Room in Kendall. It's a very cool, savory-heavy buffet, with a distinct Cantabridgian bent.

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      The Blue Room is a very good choice - More international or eclectic in its spread and less typical brunch items. Reservations are strongly suggested though.

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        the op asked for fancy. as much as i love the blue room, that brunch is pretty casual, even though the food rocks.

        i was thinking the four seasons like the op below.

    2. The Four Seasons brunch buffet.

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        For future reference, I'd add that Mooo offered a nice brunch and I liked the room. As lovely as the Four Seasons is, I have a hard time with a buffet at that price point.

      2. Meritage at Boston Harbor Hotel. Plus free parking which is a total bonus. You cannot beat the water views and the service. They have a great cold buffet and then make omlets, pancakes, etc. to order PLUS these little amuse bouches throughout the dinner make this very chow worthy.