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May 24, 2008 05:39 PM

Rosewater Supper Club - Like Missy said, Is It Worth It?

I have a 2 for 1 entree coupon from Toronto Life for Rosewater Supper Club.. Is this place worthwhile to go to to take advantage of the discount? I have not read many positive reviews on the board, although none of them are very recent. I checked the menu on-line and it seems to be very classic fancy dinner - steak, atlantic salmon, chicken, duck etc. That's all fine and dandy, but in a city with so many options, I would want to have the food taken to an extra level for that type of cuisine. Just wondering if anyone has been recently, or should I just give this coupon to my suburban co-workers who would be excited for a "night out" in the big city?

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  1. Don't waste your or your co-workers money.

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      Have you dined at Rosewater since Paul Boehmer took over as exec chef?

    2. Put your thang down, flip it and reverse it. Yeah, I liked it, It's pretty old school there though, We took my Grandma there and she loved it. The Kobe beef carpaccio with truffles was A1. Stick with the beef there, don't order Tuna steak.

      1. Truly one of the worst places I've been. Boehmer hasn't cooked anywhere good in a very long time. Before Rosewater he was "consulting chef" at the abominable Six Steps. Before that he was at Cluck Grunt and Low for a few months before they handed the reigns to Thuet.
        I made some notes last time I went there. Here's how they went.
        Rosewater has been a consistent culinary underperformer, burning through chefs and relying on its good looks to keep the out-of-towners and Christmas parties trundling in. Boemer’s time there doesn’t yet show any signs of turning things around. Though an appetizer of B.C. Dungeness crab and avocado salad with grapefruit sections works well, another starter, advertised (at $17), as pan-seared white gulf shrimp with spiced lemon garlic sauce, instead brings four shrimp engulfed in a sticky soy and shiitake reduction. A chanterelle mushroom risotto arrives clogged with taleggio cheese, a fine ingredient in itself, but which here overwhelms the mushrooms (and rice, and everything else about the dish) with an unmistakably corporeal pong; a parmesan tuile on top bears unappetizing droplets of fatty condensate, like you find on a hunk of warm cheddar. Arctic char comes overcooked but nicely juicy; the phoned-in boiled potatoes and blanched green beans do it no favours. A dish of Ontario lamb chops and saddle isn’t bad at first—the chops are suitably pink and flavourful. But then the saddle, grey as porridge and thoroughly overcooked, has roughly the same bouncy-chewy texture as one might expect from a raquet ball. Service is laughably amateur, from the busybody headwaiter (or sommelier, whichever the case may be) in the droopy pants and verging-on-untucked shirt, to an evidently inexperienced server, (who demands, upon being asked about a gruner veltliner—one of two—on the wine list, “The gruner what? I . . . Oh, are you sure we have that one?” and then, a moment later, “You said that’s an Australian white?”) A selection of four cheeses arrives refrigerator cold; the server announces, not long after depositing them on the table (and perhaps an hour too late), that diners should preorder cheeses so they have time to warm up.

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          Wow! sold on not going there. there seems to be one too many of these cheesy "looks good on the outside" type restaurants in t.o.

          1. re: rafer madness

            What is the dress code for this restaurant?

          2. re: pimentdespelette

            Anything new or hopeful glimmers of improvement at Rosewater?

          3. A while back I had a Summerlicious meal there..sea bass..and the piece of fish on my plate was so small I thought it was a joke and I looked for the hidden cameras capturing the look on my face.....nope, it was for real.

            1. I have a $50 certificate for Rosewater Supper minimum purchase. What to order or avoid?

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              1. re: Food Tourist

                I had one too a couple of months ago...and I wasn't impressed with the restaurant at all. We didn't have any appetizers but for mains we had salmon and steak - pretty standard options. The steak and salmon were OK, nothing special, but the sides were WAY too salty!!! For a restaurant like that there is no excuse for over salting food. I ordered a side of forest mushrooms and barely ate them, the sides that came with the meals were terrible too. Even though I had a $50 coupon, we still spent another $50 to have a normal meal, and I think I would've rather spent my $50 somewhere else. Maybe this was an off-night for the kitchen staff or something because I haven't seen any other "salty" complaints.

                In addition to this, when the waiter asked us how the meal was, I expressed my concern. He said he would talk to the chef and see what he can do. I wasn't expecting anything more than acknowledgment or perhaps a "sorry you didn't enjoy your meal", but that waiter never even came back. Another one picked up our payment. Not impressed!