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May 24, 2008 05:10 PM

Extraordinary Desserts Revisited (SD)

I was in a particularly cranky mood this morning and an hour of Pilates moved my energy but did nothing to move my mood. A friend suggested we stop by ED.

Lemon Meringue Bread Pudding..........OH.........MY.............G*D, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Not really bread pudding and not really pie; whatever it was, it did knock my socks off. It appeared to be lemon curd, something with a crumb (ends of cakes? bread? who knows), strips of pastry and creamy, satiny smooth toasted meringue. It came with a ginormous glob of lightly sweetened whipped cream (literally the size of a #12 disher), raspberry coulis, more lemon curd and an unidentified third sauce. It wasn't rich and overwhelming but for a lemon meringue pie fiend it was utterly delicious and satisfying. Best dessert I've had so far this year. Blows the bread pudding at The Better Half (which is outstanding) totally off the map.

It is impossible to swoon and be cranky at the same time. I also have to admit I have no shame, remorse or guilt about one bite of this dessert, and I ate the whole thing. Well, almost the whole thing, I left some of the whipped cream behind. This bread pudding was worth every calorie and every dollar, and more.

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  1. Good thinking on your friend's part! I love their fruit/lemon/passionfruit desserts - like the lemon meringue napoleon, the passionfruit pavlova ( or just the whipped cream one with berries) and their little tarts - they brulee the meringue, and the lemon is always just right. Mmmm.. I also had a cream cheese brownie there recently that was outstanding. The ice creams are good too. The cakes I pretty much leave alone at this point. (can you tell I work a block away??)

    1. oh this sounds soooo goood! And that's after a delish brunch at Cavaillon w/ their Tahitian Vanilla Bean French Toast w/ raspberry coulis!

      1. Sounds yummy~ I dream about their coconut cream tarts.

        1. DD - Thanks for the tip on the bread pudding, I haven't noticed it as of yet. We really like their lemon ricotta cake, very light. I also like, oddly enough, their Kona coffee and stop in once or twice a week for it.

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            I think they're selling Lion coffee from HI. There is also a Lion coffee store in Mission Valley just off Friar's Rd. in the same shopping center as Party City and K-Mart that sells Hawaiian coffees and teas.

          2. Thanks for the tip. We arrive tomorrow from Tucson for the weekend and stay downtown. My new thing is walking from the airport to the apartment, and now I have a reason to walk and a stop along the way. P.S. I'm still very partial to the chocolate shortbread cookies. Dark and not too sweet.