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May 24, 2008 05:10 PM

Hickory Hog BBQ

Had lunch there today....I think its worth the trip....I had the bbq beef tips, sweet potato fries, and the garlic string beans...A good choice....beef was tender and just enough bbq sauce to add to the flavor....great sweet potato fries...and the string beans were fresh and equally delicious. My daughter had the 16oz BBQ Cowboy Ribeye, French Fries, and a side salad...The Ribeye was perfect...tender, juicy, and again the right amount of BBQ sauce. Mom had the Hickory Burger and said it was one of the better ones she's had.
All in all, I'd say this is an pretty good place for BBQ.....will try some of the other offerings the next time I visit...Menu is pretty extensive and the prices aren't that bad...Good value, Great Meal....

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  1. Robert - Next time try the baby backs with dry rub. They are the best thing on the menu.

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      will do...there was some many things that looked good on the menu....had heard the steak tips were first time out tried to go with the recommendations...liked the look of the cowboy ribeye...but will be going back soon so will try some more of the items on the menu....nice to have a casual place around....

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        The Hickory Hog
        3009 Route 88
        Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
        (732) 714-7427

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          We have had them cater a party and EVERYTHING was delicious. We ordered the boneless steak tips, the ribs, the strings beans and the roasted potatoes. All of our guest enjoyed everything so much that there weren't any leftovers to enjoy the next day.

          Try the cheddar, bacon and potatoe soup. It is SO GOOD

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            they also have a web site so you can see what they offer on their menu...


        2. I wonder if folks could try to include the following if they're commenting or reviewing a bbq place.
          These all concern ribs, either spare or back.

          1. Did the restaurant remove the 'connective tissue' aka membrane, from the underside of the ribs?
          2. Does the meat have a pink color from being smoked ? - this may be mostly in a ring towards the outer area
          3. For that matter, does the meat taste or smell smoked? You may find it easier to smell smoke on your fingers than on the bone.
          4. Does the meat literally fall off the bone? Was it dried out? Did it taste fresh, or reheated, or pan-ny, or days old? (Subjective, I know!)
          5. If you ordered a rub, was the rub just sprinkled on, like you might apply salt & pepper, or cooked on, possibly into a bark?
          6. Was the rub very salty?
          7.If you ordered sauced, how did the sauce manifest itself?
          8. What color was the meat, inside any smoke ring?

          Thank you!!!