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May 24, 2008 05:09 PM

Brunch and Dinner Suggestions Needed for Richmond, VA on a weekday


Do you know of any restaurants in Richmond, VA that you would suggest? I will be going there on Tuesday.

I need to find a good place for brunch near Maymont Park and a good place for dinner near the Science Museum of Virginia or Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.

Thanks!! Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hello, for dinner I have a lot of suggestions. Zed Cafe is a restaurant that focuses on serving organic, locally grown food with an expert, inventive chef creating new dishes almost daily. It's really really good. Also, if you like Italian, there is a wine bar/restaurant near the Science Museum called Enoteca Sogno that's really good. A bit farther down Broad Street is Comfort (Southern fare) and 27 (an Italian Bistro). For brunch during the week I don't have a lot of suggestions. Two locally owned joints that aren't too far from Maymont that serve breakfast are Delux on Main Street and Weezie's Kitchen in Carytown. You may want to call and see how late they serve though. Both also serve lunch.

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      One more thing, if you want a good, hearty southern style breakfast/brunch you may want to check out Karen's Diner. It's diner fare served till 2:30 daily and it's not too far from Maymont.