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May 24, 2008 04:59 PM

uses for "tomato sauce"

my gf picked it up instead of diced tomatoes. any suggestions on using it?

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  1. This is a nice shrimp and pasta in a wine sauce recipe. I make variations wirh vodka instead of wine or with red pepper etc. I like her commentary too.

    1. Spanish rice
      Poached eggs
      Spice it up and ladle over meatloaf before baking
      Over chicken or fish before baking

      1. It's an indispensable ingredient if you're making chili with the Carroll Shelby brown-bag kit, or if you're approximating that recipe with your own ingredients. Aside from that, I always use it where a recipe might call for tomato paste thinned with water, as it has a fresh taste rather than the paste's kinda pruney flavor. I always try to have a stock of the small 8 oz. cans on hand - Contadina is my favorite, or El Pato for the spicy kind.

        1. I like to brown a little chicken in a pan not cooking it all the way but about 75%, take it out and sweat out some onions, peppers, garlic, any veggies you may have lying around. Then I degalze the pan, add the sauce - maybe a little tomato paste as sometimes those jars are sort of a soupy. Then I add some chopped chipoltes in adobo (totally depends on how spicy you want but i usually do 2) and some of their juice. Add chicken back in, cover and simmer. You can really walk away from it because the sauce keeps the chicken moist. Then serve with rice and beans or whatever. Nice spicey tomatoey chicken and its very inexpensive/easy to make.

          1. Over polenta, topped with an good Italian cheese, and broiled (or not, depending on your preference, and the cheese you're using). As part of a braising liquid for blade steak or brisket. As sauce for a pounded,. breaded, seasoned and fried veal or chicken or pork or eggplant sangwich. As a sauce with onions, green peppers, black olives and garlic for thick cod steaks.