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May 24, 2008 04:56 PM

2 Nights in Atlantic City

My sister and I are going to be staying at the Showboat on a Sunday and Monday night next month. I'd really like to take her out for a special meal on one of those nights -- preferably someplace on the water or at least with a water view. I have a car and am willing to drive, but am not at all familiar with the area, so approximate times/distances would be helpful.

We will probably be sticking pretty close to the beach and the boardwalk the rest of the time, so recommendations for cheap and tasty in the area would be great -- especially breakfast near the casino. I am familiar with the recommendations for the White House, Chef Vola's, and Angeloni's. Is Cafe 2825 still there? How about Girasole?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I believe Girasole is still there. Although its been a while for me, I enjoyed a fantastic meal there sometime ago (I vaguely remember outstanding handmade pasta). Good luck.

    1. Last summer I took some friends out for their 25th to the Old Waterway Inn. It's been in AC for a long time - more of a local place since it's off the beaten path but upscale. Great food and atmosphere and it's right on the water. The weather was good so we ate outside. It's off the road to Brigintine before you cross the bridge. We were also at the SHowboat and it was pretty close by - 10 minutes. They suggested to call for directions and it helped. Google them and you'll find good reviews and a menu.

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      1. The Old Waterway Inn looks excellent. Thanks for the tip!

        Now how about a few breakfast/lunch places on the Boardwalk?

        1. If you like Indian food Royal Albert's Palace is good, on the boardwalk at the Taj Mahal, a short walk from the Showboat.

          I recently tried the Atlantic City Bar and Grill and it was surprisingly good, near the Showboat on Atlantic and S Carolina.

          You're pretty much out of luck for breakfast in that area, sorry to say. There used to be a Starbucks at Resorts, maybe still is. There are the buffets, I guess.

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            Also, a short drive from the Showboat is the Flying Cloud Cafe at Gardners Basin. They have a nice deck for outdoor dining on the water. Not gourmet, but nice on a warm summer evening.


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              Without a doubt go to Chef Vola's. Ate there recently and had an excellent meal and great experience. In a basement (really a lower level) of a house with low ceilings and somewhat cramped quarters, you will have an excellent Italian meal. Glance at all the pictures on the walls of all the famous people who have eaten there.

              The place is full of NYC and Philadelphian Italians and the food portions are very generous, reasonabley priced, and it is BYOB as well. The real menu is the littany of specials reeled off by the servers and there are many excellent fish and seafood choices. This place has a cult following and it's hard to get a reservation but try for sure. You wn't be disappointed.

              1. re: Schpsychman

                I'd agree that if you've never been to Chef Vola's you should consider it. It's really no harder to get a reservation than any other small, popular restaurant, just make it well in advance. Not in the Showboat neighborhood, though.

                There seems to be a 50/50 split about the food there. Some people think it's among the best italian restaurants ever, others think it's pretty mediocre. I'm among the latter, but the real charm of the place is the atmosphere. No sign, no advertising, it's like going to a dinner party at someone's home.