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May 24, 2008 04:17 PM

Copper River Source in Bay Area?

"Source" as in place to purchase or dine on, not as in source of the Copper River--LOL. Has anyone read or heard anything this year?


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  1. By historic measures, you're early by four weeks or so. Costco and Safeway in previous years have been good sources (use the search function to see previous Copper River threads). With typical Alaskan king going for $26/lb in my neighborhood right now, I'm bracing in a big jump in the price of the Copper River, which is typically only available for 2-3 weeks around here. With any luck, Costco and Safeway locked in contracts back before the salmon fishing closure was applied to CA and OR, and will pass the savings onto consumers. I'm not holding my breath, though ....

    Sushi Monster

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      We bought some CRS from Costco a couple of years ago. Tasteless. Such a letdown, in fact, that we gave most of it away for free to coworkers.

      I've got a cousin in Anchorage who is lining up a shipment of the real deal to us. heh-heh-heh ;)

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        I was in Seattle last weekend & they're already here! Copper River is simply ambrosial.

      2. kinkade's bayhouse in burlingame usually has it during the season. I've also seen it at whole foods too.

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          Horatio's in San Leandro and Skates in Berkeley are also part of the Kincaid's chain, I believe they all have it. Safe dish to order if you have to go to one of those places but I avoid them.

        2. Palomino used to serve it, but I'm not sure if they still do. Don't know that you will hear any positive things about Palomino on this board, though!

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            The Palomino chain is, like Kincaid's / Skates / Horatio's, owned by Restaurants Unlimited Inc.

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              Any idea what variety and whether or not it's been frozen?

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                At that low a price, I wonder if it really is Copper River salmon. Fisherman's Express up in Anchorage has it at $35 a pound. A few years ago an investigation revealed that much "wild" salmon in markets was actually farmed.

              2. Luckys tomorrow $14.99 a pound/ weather permitting.