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May 24, 2008 02:15 PM


I went to Lucciano's last night and it was FABULOUS!!! They were busy, which was nice to see, especially on a Monday night. The Grilled Pear Salad is AWESOME!! My son had the Gnocchi w/Smoked Mozzarella for an App which he loved! We had the Cashew Crusted Chicken w/a wonderful winey/Madeira sauce, fresh mashed potatoes, gently sauteed carrots & zucchini and garnished with asparagus. My son's friend had the Parmesan Crusted Sole w/risotto cakes and sauteed veggies. Fantastic!! Can't wait to return!
Lucciano's Restaurant is located at 50 Maple St., Danvers.
If you haven't been there I highly recommend it!!

BTW.....this is not my first posting and I don't know the owners! ;-D

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The Grilled Pear Salad sounds wonderful.

      I am a bit confused too, but did find a couple of great reviews here.

      Never heard of the place, but will check it out now, thanks.

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        i am a huge fan of luccianos. i've been dining there regularly since they opened their doors last march. the food is tremendous. my personal favorite is the sesame chicken. the owner/chef has a true talent especially in making sauces. i've recommended luccianos to all my friends and everyone has raved about it. if you're a mashed potato fan then you must have this here. the best ever. all of luccianos products are cooked to order and fresh. enjoy!

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          Those two reviews look promising. Every link I check for the restaurant seems to lead to a blank page, but I did find this small Chowhound thread from last year about the restaurant and the Boston Globe review, also from last fall.

        2. Down Boys!!!
          Contessa is for real and we told her about this board. Such a nice welcome you have given her. For those questioning the date, she posted this a week or so ago. I have done a search and cannot find the original post. She also knows her food.

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            Will extend mk apologies to contessa based on your post. It is just troubling to only one post from this hound, with a glowing review, incorrect dates and the statement that she has posted before, and no signs of other posts. Weird that one poster has so many problems in a post, but whatever- if the contessa is for real, just want her to know we get riled up if the post may be from a schill. keep posting.

            1. re: macca

              What macca said. Sorry if we mistook you for a shill, contessa, but it has happened before and it does get frustrating.

              1. re: macca

                Please do bear in mind that registration to post was not required prior to 2 years ago. Tons of hounds posted prior to that and there's no real way to "see" their posts. That's one more reason to give new posters benefit of the doubt.

              2. re: jandj

                JandJ.....thanks for the vote of confidence. As you well know, I've had some fabulous dining experiences in my lifetime. If something isn't up to 'par' you'll sure hear about it!! But, L's is great!!

              3. I have to agree - a 'hidden jewel' on the North Shore. Downtown Danvers is not the place you would expect to spend your Saturday evening for dinner but avoid the crowds of Salem, Marbelhead, etc.. and check out Lucciano's. The food is of very good quality, reasonably priced (entrees avg $20, but fairly good size portions). Wait staff very nice, lovely dining room, great service. We had the grilled pear salad and calamari appetizer. I was expecting just grilled pear and blue cheese, but this was a 'real salad' - nice baby lettuce with a grilled pear topped with blue cheese in a wonderful dressing. Husbands calamari was fried calamari but a different twist - they serve it in a caper lemon sauce, very, very good. For entrees we tried the veal volavena (I think that is what it was called), veal with prosciutto and fresh mozarella topped with shrimp over pasta - very good. Husband had scallops with pepper fettucini and asparagus. Was a little disappointed that the fettucine was not pepper studded as promised, but the taste of the dish as it was made up for it. My husband is a big eater and had to take half of his dish home. I had it for lunch yesterday and it was just as delicious. For dessert we split a fruit tart that was excellent. According to our server the desserts are made on the premises.
                Being a small dining enstablishment you hope they can stay in business in such a competitive market, so if you want a great meal without driving into Boston, please, please check out Luccianos in Danvers Square, you will be glad you did! Can't wait to go back..

                1. well, my luck caught up with me. everytime i love a restaurant or a closes or discontinues manufacturing!!! lucciano's in danvers was sold, i'm told, to 2 gentlemen in the restaurant business. has anyone heard more on this? i don't believe the former owner, luciano, is going to continue on there. bummer...the BEST chicken dish i've ever had (sesame chicken with an italian, gourmet twist). all the dishes were stupendous...if anyone knows what will become of this former hidden jewel in danvers square, PLEASE reply.

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                    I'm bummed out if this is true! I really like this restaurant. I noticed that their website has been down. Are they currently closed? Any info is appreciated!

                    1. re: Cathleen02

                      it's definitely true, cathleen. my friends who have a business on that block say that the restaurant is open, but don't know it's future. luciano is no longer cooking there...that's one thing for sure. i don't know more than that. it's very disappointing that luciano isn't there. he is an incredible chef...hopefully, someone else has more info.

                      1. re: bella7

                        I'm sad that my first chowhound post ever is to deliver the bad news that my favorite Lucciano's is GONE. The replacement is "I Pazzi", ostensibly a "mediterranean-Italian" place with a very very similar feel inside. We went in today at noon only to be told that I Pazzi doesn't actually open until Sunday May 9. I'm not the greatest food connoisseur, so I may leave it to others to judge I Pazzi.