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May 24, 2008 02:05 PM

Le Crueset lid what?

Hi there,

One of my Le Creuset lids fell on the floor (after smashing into my face, off the refrigerator...OUCH!), and broke in half. Their website says they won't replace things that are damaged by accidental breakage. But I seem to remember people here saying they got replacements after breaking their pots, etc.

Can anyone advise me on what to do? (aside from icing my eye and thanking God my cheekbone didn't break!!!!)


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  1. They will replace defective items- i.e. ones that break under normal circumstances (during cooking, washing, etc when you're following their "how to use" guidelines for things like maximum heat settings). I had a ceramic piece that cracked in the oven during cooking at 350'F for no apparent reason, and it's going to be replaced.

    I don't think your situation will merit a refund, honestly, unfortunately- they wouldn't replace a piece that you dropped or mistreated (i.e. scrubbing with steel wool), either.

    I think the best thing to do is use the pot without a lid, or find a universal lid that fits.

    Thankfully you're ok!

    1. Call them at 877-CREUSET and tell them what happened and that you were injured. It's worth a try and they might replace the lid at a substantial discount. You might be able to find a lid on Ebay that matches as several are sold there. I guess the people selling them broke the bottom half ;-). What size pot was it? Sometimes a lid from another style pot of theirs will fit it, and you might be able to use that pot too and share the lid.

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      1. re: blondelle

        I agree- they might be able to sell you a lid at a discount.

        I don't know if it's worth mentioning the injury, though- I doubt the person on the phone can do anything more than say they hope you're ok. It's not as though they manufactured a lid that intentionally jumped off the 'fridge and onto your head (even though it might seem like an evil lid right now).

        1. re: sfumato

          I agree call them but don't mention the injury. That sounds like an insinuation that they may be at fault and if you do that they may not be as helpfull.

          1. re: Docsknotinn

            I agree with you... mentioning the injury sounds like you're trying to milk them for something that's entirely not their fault (unless they came over and put the pot on the fridge).. BUT, if you choose to, you can mention it in a slightly humorous, self-deprecating way such as "I don't know what's worse in my being so silly in doing all of this: breaking the lid or having to explain to people that I got a black eye from an unmanned pan" -- that should get the representative laughing -- and people who are laughing are much more fun to deal with!

            1. re: karmalaw

              LOL That would be a very good tactic!

      2. They replaced mine just a couple of months ago - fell off the top of the refrigerator, completely my fault - they didn't ask any questions, even though I told them that, and they paid for the shipping. While waiting for it, I used heavy duty foil.

        See -

        BTW - I think people seem to have more luck calling, rather than emailing, even if it means calling a couple of times to get through to someone.

        Glad you are ok.

        1. Thanks for the advice everyone! I'll give them a call this coming week. I did get a bit of a shiner from that lid hitting me, and a small cut across my nose. But other than that, I'm good as new. :)

          1. My aunt recently replaced a set. She had it in her basement and hadn't even known what it was or that it was worth anything! I can't even remember now what the defects or problems were. But she just took it to a local Sur la Table and they just let her pick a new set -- they did the return! It was funny too -- they were surprised to see the old color (probably 25+ years old -- I think it was a turquiose). But they just replaced it!

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              I just don't get the appeal of Le Creuset. I had several pots & pans years ago, because they looked really cool, but they weighed a ton. I finally ended up giving them away - I think I donated them to women's shelter. I just don't get it!