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May 24, 2008 01:58 PM

Farberware stainless steel

Any good? I ask because I just inherited a relatively new (looks little used at all) set of stainless steel Farberware from my sister, who doesn't cook at all. I know it's not the best of the best, but in terms of general cooking -- deglazing, stocks, etc -- how will this perform? Should I be happy, or should I keep my eye on other, more expensive stainless steel pieces?

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  1. Some people, e.g., me, orefer sauce-pan sides with better heat conduction than plain, rather thin stainless steel. (My go-to sauce pans are anodized aluminum.) However, Farberware has been used by many millions of cooks over the decades, presumably with satisfactory results. Except for the really cheap, really tinny stuff, you can get by with most cookware once you learn its quirks.

    1. For those who don't know, there many different species of Farberware. What's stamped on the bottom? Match it up with the Farberware website. You might have something very similar to the All Clad line.

      1. I used old-fashioned Farberware for years. I replaced a large pan just a few years ago, and noticed that the aluminum bottom was thicker than on the older pans. If the aluminum bottom is still quite thick, you should be able to do well with the pans. I rather liked the handles, as I recall. Comfortable and aesthetically nice. Free is good.

        1. I used mine forever, had it about 15 years, and still like it!! It was a good purchase for the little it cost, I think it is the best least expensive cookware. I used cast iron for frying. Now upgrading to copper...more tricky.