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Beyond disappointed with New Ginza, Watertown

Hubby and I went expecting some pretty good sushi based on the posts on CH- Though the service was great- the sushi was awful. And the aches in our bellies afterwards confirmed what our eyes told us- not the freshest sushi on the block. So sad. We'll stick to Oishii and Oga's from here on.

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  1. That is too bad. That place used to be pretty reliable.

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      agree with Striper Guy. I've always had great meals there, for years up till my most recent visit a few months ago.

      and FWIW, I believe Oga's (which is also great) has a menu and ownership very similar to the Ginza restaurants.

      1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

        IMO, New Ginza is not playing in the same leage as Oga. I have been to NG maybe eight times and had experiences ranging from quite good to completely unacceptable (sashimi that was still frozen.) More often than not, I have left feeling that the quality doesn't justify the prices, and at this point I have pretty much written it off. Maybe the newly-open SuperFusion II, which seems to be operational now, will restore Watertown Square's goodness-to-price ratio back to something reasonable

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          Where the heck is SFII? Though anything called fusion-anything in my book is usually suspect.

          1. re: StriperGuy

            Mount Auburn Street, just outside of Watertown Square, where...uh...I think it was Sushi 21 was.

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              Super Fusion II
              54 Mt Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472

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              Haven't been to SuperFusion I (in Brookline next to Wash. Sq. Tavern) or II, but I understand that it's mainly a sushi restaurant. I don't think it's an "asian fusion" a la Salamander or anything.

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              That's a shame, I used to really like that place. Never ordered sashimi there, but frozen is unacceptable.

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                SF II is wonderful. Go in! Enjoy and say hi to Chef Jeff (?). After the issues with 21, I was hoping for something good to go in there and this is it!! Just save a spot at the bar for me... I'm there about once a week!

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                I had one of the best omakase meals ever at Oga's, so IMO they're a far cry from each other! I can't believe Ruprecht had frozen sashimi! That is just nuts.

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                  Oga's Japanese Cuisine
                  915 Worcester St, Natick, MA 01760

              3. It's been a while, but I ordered there in the past on many occasions and it was nothing less than competent. Too bad.

                1. I agree. It really slipped in the last year. I was just too lazy to post. On my last two visits the fish was not fresh and the cuts were very small and uneven. The tuna was dry and shrivelled. I used to go regularly, but now I will not be coming back.

                  1. Too bad, I've been a few times and it's always been great....

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                      I was surprised to see this. We were just there a week ago and it fantastic as always. Delicious, fresh and wonderful. I will be really sad if the inconsistency posted about on here continues. We really enjoy going there. I'd hate to risk a trip and have it be an off-night. Nothing worse than bad sushi. Yuck.

                    2. I picked up take out for New Ginza about a month ago and I too noticed a drop off in quality. I also found the hostess who handled my take out transaction to be disinterested, if not rude. I will try Super Fusion II and if it is even decent, I will not be returning to New Ginza. It's a shame too because for awhile it was the top sushi in the immediate area.

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                        It sure was the best in the area. I'm still in denial, maybe I need to experience the dropoff on my own to be convinced!

                        Does anybody know if the same maitre d' is still there? I wonder if there was an ownership change

                      2. I can't agree more. I went to new ginza recently and was extremely dispointed. the food was very average compared to the price offered. the spicy sauce was very creamy and not spicy and the food quality was horrible. I had better sushi from the supermarket honestly.
                        in a few words, New Ginza is about serving an expensive meal using cheap food and low quality.

                        1. I agree with Beyond disappointed - just went there for dinner after so many recommendations - very expensive - and the service was horrible - she seemed annoyed that we were there........would never go back....very disappointed

                          1. i never knew this place when it was good, but the first and last time i went there the service sucked and the sushi was stop and shop grade or lower. went to super fusion two weeks ago and everything was nice and easy.

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                              Of the recent experiences I've had in the area, I'd put Aji (Walnut St, Newtonville) in the lead by a bit over SuperFusion II, and then New Ginza trailing a fairly distant 3rd. The last sushi I had from SFII was fresh enough but clumsily cut making it chewy and kind of unpleasant to eat.

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                                I had been wondering about Super Fusion. I just hate how small it is.

                                We really like Hana Sushi in North Cambridge, on Mass Ave, just north of Frank's. I have never had a bad meal in there and the prices are really reasonable. They just added a few new items to their menu, which is nice for us regulars.