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May 24, 2008 11:50 AM

tempeh must it be fried to make it less "eh"

I bought some tempeh at my local health food store. Obviously, it would be yummiest fried, but I'm dieting at the moment. How do you cook it?

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  1. To make it healthier, you can bake it. Or to compromise, spray a bit of olive oil on it and then bake.

    1. I would marinate it, say in soy and garlic or the like. Then dip in egg white and then bread/cereal crumbs. Put on cookie sheet and bake till crispy on both sides.

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      1. Yeah, as kshankar says, marinating it makes it quite yummy. I do it for several hours (olive oil, shoyu, vinegar, minced garlic, other herbs, etc.), then pan fry it on stovetop. I find that with the marinating, if you use nonstick, you don't really need extra oil (since it has already been marinating in a bit of oil.) You could also try grilling it. It does have a strong-ish flavor.

        1. I usually fry, but sometimes braise for 30 minutes or so. Broilng or grilling works too.

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            We often grind it up in the food processor and then brown a bit (or not) before tossing into a chili recipe or on top of a pizza.