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May 24, 2008 11:49 AM

Veal Bones in Orange County

I've called a few butchers in OC, and I have had no luck finding veal bones, any ideas in OC or Long Beach?

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  1. Have you tried Celestino's in Costa Mesa. I love this place.

    1. An important quest, given the price of veal these days. Good meaty bones for soup or stock are hard to find, unless you have a time machine for a quick trip to the Sixties. (Some butchers will save them for you, however.)

      If you don't get what you want in OC, try Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad. I don't get down to that place very often, but they had veal bones when I found leaf lard there sometime back.

      Tip Top Meats & European Deli
      6118 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, CA

      1. It's not in The OC but Alexander's Prime Meats will order them for you. Comes in a 40 lb box and meaty enough to tos a few on the grill. Also, Claros in La Habra, in OC (barely) will order them as well.

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          There's another Claro's in Tustin, on Main Street.

          They had various cuts of veal at Zlaket's Market on Garden Grove Main St. today -- I assume that the meat arrives there bony and departs boneless, so you might enquire.

        2. I actually had the same dilemma until someone recommended the Bristol Farms in Newport Beach off Avocado. They almost always have veal knuckles available, which are great if you are specifically looking to make veal stock.

          On another note, I'm currently on my own quest to find a butcher that will sell me sweetbreads, cheeks and various other offal cuts, to no avail. Not to hijack this thread, but if anyone knows of a butcher (I'm willing to drive outside of the Orange curtain) that might have these items, it would be appreciated.

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          1. re: alexB

            Thx for the tip, there is a Bristol farms in LB as well, near my house.

            1. Brees Meats in Garden Grove--714.892.1115

            2. El Toro Meats in Lake Forest--949.355.0215

          2. I know this is probably a bit late, but I found veal bones at Wholesome Choice in Irvine. I did notice quite a bit of lamb/sheep etc. Didn't notice sweetbreads but I wouldn't be surprised to find them there. That place is a little nuts.

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              Not late for me. Thanks for the suggestion.