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Homemade Gluten Free Pasta

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I've tried making pasta at home with good success, but I'm in need of a gluten free pasta recipe as well. I've got several here, and I'm a little skeptical, since trying to make gluten free pot stickers turned into a sticky mess until I added a ridiculous amount of cornstarch. I'm interested in using ingredients such as ground flax and brown rice flour, possibly millet or quinoa flour, but I'm not sure about the stickiness of these flours. Has anyone here successfully made fresh gluten free pastas at home? I'd love to hear your experience.

Also, I'm trying to find a way to make it without the egg. Not sure if this is even possible (using an egg replacer like Ener-G) but if it is, I'd like to give it a try.

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  1. Check out recipes by Bette Hagman in the "Gluten Free Gourmet" series. I found the pasta in "The Gluten Free Goumet" (p.150) to be excellent. It uses tapioca flour, cornstarch, and potato starch. Also uses 2 eggs. Couldn't tell it from regular homemade noodles. Hagman's later books use bean and other flours in quite a lot of different ways, though I haven't checked them out for pasta since I was forced to give up my Atlas.

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      Here is the recipe:


      I have made it. It needed to be kneaded by hand quite a bit before I could pass it through a pasta machine. It worked well in the end for chicken noodle soup, but didn't store well - it turned to goo when I defrosted the noodles. I think you can use the other flours, although for personal preference I would use toasted millet flour. But egg is necessary in this recipe.

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        I know cornstarch is notorious for freezing poorly, so maybe that was the problem. I've got one GF Gourmet book, and it has a bean pasta recipe in is that I will try. Per the comment below, I'm going to try using flax instead of egg, but I'm concerned that it will be too sticky and I will have to add more cornstarch, causing a freezing problem. Hrmm.

    2. When making gluten-free things one needs to add xanthan gum or guar gum to provide the "glue". Flaxseed and water substitutes for egg. I've never tried to make gf pasta but make gf muffins, bread, cake, etc regularly.

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        Thanks. I've not used flax seed as a binder, but I've heard of it being done. When making GF baked good, did you use flax instead of eggs? How did it affect the crumb of your finished products?

        I'm also wondering how pasta made with flax will keep.

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          When making gf baked goods I use either EnerG egg replacer or flaxseed meal and water. Most things hold together well. With just two of us, a loaf of bread make with flaxseed sometimes lasts a week.

      2. The gf pasta we get from TJs lists only brown rice and water as ingredients...

        1. Now you've got me wondering how the classic Asian rice noodles and pastas are made. I'd love to know how to make those fat, mouth filling fun noodles. Anyone know?

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            There are many restaurants around that make noodles by hand, right out in the open for customers to watch. I have no idea how to make them myself, but perhaps one of those places would be a good place to start?

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              willyou share your recipe? its sounds like what I am looking for. But I would like to put the dough thru a pasta machine to make the noodles.. will that work?


          2. Hi there, I've been experimenting with different gf pasta recipes and have one that does not use cornstarch at all, minimal rice flour, but uses a lot of potato starch and tapioca starch as well as guar gum. I've found it in the CIA gluten free cookbook, I had to play with the recipe a bit and add more gum flour to the mix and I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil, the results are delicious pasta that does not go brown nor turn into mush.

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              willyou share your recipe? its sounds like what I am looking for. But I would like to put the dough thru a pasta machine to make the noodles.. will that work?


            2. http://noglutennoproblem.blogspot.com/ has a delicious gluten free pasta recipe with excellent photos to guide you. You might start there. Good luck!!