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May 24, 2008 11:24 AM

Valley Greek Festival

Anyone going? It is this weekend :)

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  1. will they be serving Retsina?

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    1. re: ozbuc

      If so, good reason to stay home!!!
      Seriously though, do you really like that stuff?

      1. re: carter

        Boutari Cambras dessert wine is good, and their Retsina and rose wines are pretty good too. I was all over this (along with Ouzo and lemonade and sour cherry juice cocktails) when I visited the islands in 2005. Good times. Great food and drink.

      2. re: ozbuc

        I seriously doubt it. If they do, they're asking for trouble!

      3. I went last night - I can tell you they weren't serving retsina, but they did have Greek beer, wine and of course ouzo.

        I had one of their dinner plates with spanakopita and baked feta, and they were pretty good. But the star of the show is the loukoumathes, fresh made donuts coated in honey and cinnamon, and there was a 20 minute line to get them as they came right out of the fryer. Light, airy and delicious.