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May 24, 2008 10:43 AM

Looking for a good Breakfast diner

My usual diner has changed ownership and I don't enjoy it anymore! I want a comfortable relaxed place where I can go Sunday morning alone and read my paper. I don't want trendy and I don't want brunch. The down-side of the gentrification of Leslieville is that all the great breakfast places have gone. I would also prefer this place to be between Sherbourne and Coxwell and eastern to Danforth or a bit above. Any suggestions? Am I asking too much??

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  1. I love Toast (Queen Carlaw) for their comforting atmosphere and friendly staff.
    Jimmy's (Queen Broadview) has great food and great value.
    Pulp Kitchen would be my first choice though, when it is not so busy.

    1. Hey Leslieville, you have me curious.....which was your usual diner?

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        Read my mind Milly. I often notice that people refer to enjoying other restaurants better or worse than the restaurant in focus for the string. It would be great if posters could add the place they are comparing against or referring to. I think everybody would get better information that way.

          1. re: Herb

            That's the one I was thinking also, Herb. We haven't been since the change in ownership and I was wondering how it is. Any idea?

            1. re: Herb

              I went recently and found it still to be good. The pancakes were awesome and so was the coffee. They still haven't changed the sides from the "grocer's freezer" variety but I've noticed they are using that awful, square Wonder-type bread. Watch out if you're ordering sandwiches.

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              I was going to the Bus Terminal at Coxwell and Danforth. I got great service and I could read my paper and drink coffee and relax. But the brothers sold and left in December and although the service is still great, I'm just not enjoying the food. It's a bit too greasy for me now. The worst change for me though was the music, which was varied and interesting. Thanks for the suggestions, I will try a few of them out.

              1. re: Leslieville

                Was just there on the weekend and I've not noticed any differences. But then again, I go and expect a bit of greasiness in an egg breakfast.

                Would you go to the Sunset next door? I don't like it myself, but it looks like an anonymous enough place people would leave you alone.

            3. How about the Northwest corner of Coxwell & Lower Gerrard.

              Great breakfasts & reasonable prices.

              1. Motorama on the north side of Danforth near Jones is a good for bacon & eggs.

                1. Donlands Diner is your classic eggs-n-bacon diner. Just south of O'Connor, plenty of parking.

                  Not a diner per se but just two blocks east of the Bus Terminal is Melanie's Bistro, which opens for breakfast on Sunday at 8am. Yes the menu is called 'brunch' on Sundays but you can get basic eggs and bacon/sausage with fries and toast plus fruit. It's relaxed and comfortable, fine for reading a newspaper. It doesn't get crazy busy with the "brunch" stroller crowd til about 11ish or so.

                  Melanie's Bistro
                  1870 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C1J4, CA

                  Donlands Restaurant
                  417 Donlands Ave, Toronto, ON M4J3S2, CA