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May 24, 2008 10:04 AM

fresh healthy potted herbs

I"d like to save a trip to Richters Herb Farm,
Has anyone seen nice quality herbs, especially various types of basil in Toronto.
Went to Costco, Canadian Tire, a couple of local markets, with no success.
Costco, had beautiful potted plants, but the herbs looked awful.

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  1. Was at the Brickworks market this morning. There were a couple vendors selling potted herbs and potted vegetables. Sizes ranged from single plants to multi-herb planters. Didn't notice prices, but they looked great.

    Was also in Kensington a couple weeks ago and a few of the fruit shops had large displays of various herbs. Again of the single plant per pot variety, but many of them looked to be good quality.

    1. Pine Ridge Gardens, 2215 Brock Road N., Pickering always has a good selection.
      You haven't said what area is convenient to you, but there must be a Sheridan nursery somewhere close.
      For basil, I would buy two or three types in pots, then order seeds from Richter's for the more obscure ones, and plant them right away. Richter's has 40 types of basil seeds, but only a few potted.

      1. Urban Harvest. They sell organic herbs and seeds. They are sold at various farmers' markets and independent stores like Grassroots and perhaps even in Kensington Market (at one of the organic stores) across the city and also at their location on Dufferin, south of Queen Street West. I have seen various varieties of basil - genovese, thai, cinnamon, and osmin for sure. Maybe some lemon basil too?

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          Thanks for the suggestions.
          Went to Urban Harvest, and they had a wonderful selection of healthy looking plants.
          Bought five types of basil including Thai and Holy, as well as the rest of my herbs.
          I forgot to ask about Saw, but it is 5 minutes from my office, and I will go back on monday.
          It is not easy to find as it is in a lane, so if you go there just look for the closest number and a lane.
          Thanks again. .

          1. re: erly

            I don't think they have Saw unfortunately. I've been looking for it too. Hard to find! Let me know if you do.

        2. I buy a nice herb basket every year from the people at Coxwell & Fairford - right on the corner.

          The box contains, chives, sage, oregano, basil, etc., and cost $15.00.

          1. Don't know the name of the place, but there is a shop on the corner of Kensington and St. Andrew which appears to have many of the exotic varieties that Richters starts at non-exorbitant prices.

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              Out in Etobicoke there is PLANT WORLD; its huge, and it has every plant you can imagine. Plants are alittle pricey there, but its worth going if you are into gardening. It is on the north side of eglinton, about a minute East of Royal York Road.
              For cheap quality herbs, I went to my local dominion with some success. 1.99 each for basil and corriander, so far both are doing great.