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May 24, 2008 09:44 AM

DFW- Best scone request!

I am having a garden tea next weekend and wanted to have some great scones. Any ideas? I love the ones at the Grand Lux (but they are kinda pricey). Today I am going to Sweet Temptations to try theirs. I also saw on here that someone recommended Drip Coffee for their scones.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Drip gets theirs from Doughmonkey. I think they're excellent, mainly because they are much closer to an English style scone, which is less sweet and short than many American scones. You may even be able to buy them in frozen form, then you could bake them at home. I'd contact them to be sure. I've had plenty of scones, but I've never been to Sweet Temptations or Grand Lux, so I'm excited to try them out.

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      Don't waste your time with Sweet Temptations. Really not very good at all. I will try Doughmonkey and hopefully I'll have a winner. Since I tried Sweet Temp's, I have been trying to make them on my own and think I may possibly have something better than what I've had in DFW so far (aside from Grand Lux).

    2. I know Central Market carries them.

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        For reference, the Central Market plain scones are actually more like the scones I've had overseas. A bit denser, maybe even tougher, but great with curd, clotted cream, marmalade or the like.

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          Yum! What doesn't taste good with curd, clotted cream, marmalade or the like.

          Reminds me of cream teas in Twickenham and Richmond where I lived for awhile.

          1. re: Scagnetti

            so true. so lets add nutella to the list.

        2. re: Scagnetti

          I adore the scones from Central Market...with the addition to the clotted is good.

        3. Doughmonkey

          I also love the ones at Whole Foods

          1. I've been really pleased with the Sticky Fingers scone mix that's available at World Market, AND at $3.99 their price is much more reasonable than at other places that I've seen them. The package says make 12, but I usually do 8 or 9; or you can just flatten the dough and cut them instead. Lots of good flavors, too. Apricot, blueberry, currant, tart cherry, cranberry, etc. Oh, also plain.


            1. Thanks for your tips everyone. I can't wait to try Central Market's scones. Still haven't made it to Doughmonkey, but it is def on my to do list. I made the scones for our tea and luckily they received rave reviews (or everyone was being very nice).
              Anyways, if any new scone places come up, let me know.