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May 24, 2008 06:25 AM

KC where is your dessert spot?

When your sweet-tooth kicks in, where is your favorite dessert spot in Kansas City?

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  1. Easy and obviously:

    Murray's Ice Cream and Cookies
    &Christopher Elbow Chocolates

    1. My husband and I went to M&S Grill on the Plaza the other night just for their Boston Cream Pie. It is so good. Lately, when we are craving dessert, that is where we've been going.

      I also like Murray's and Elbow, but I'm going through a cake/pastry phase right now.

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      1. re: amy_rc

        Have you had McCormick and Shmicks Chocolate Bag? It's not on the menu but incredible. Tiramisu at Carmen's is really good.

        1. re: jdl98

          I second the chocolate bag at McCormick & Shmicks. SOOO good!

        1. re: goroe

          I'm with you: mangoes with lime and chili.

        2. I would say Tatsu's Tiramisu is the best in the city, the Chocolate Mousse, Warm Cherries and Pastry Cream, and Souffles are excellent as well. Cassis has great desserts and Megan Garrelts' desserts at bluestem are top notch which you can get in the lounge & dining room.

          * I also try to make it a habit to stop in at Elbow's on a weekly basis and Murray's of course.

          1. Summer Eats.....
            Foo's Frozen Custard - hard pressed to find something else..but..
            in the summer...
            Miami Ice (39th street; KU Med area) - shaved ice w/frozen custard on bottom. Now open Lulu's frozen flavored ice (ward pkway mall - dillards/tj maxx) parking lot...
            Cookies - The Classic Cookie at Gregory & Wornall

            The new Babycakes Bakery in the River Market is good for a cupcake attack - you can just get one, which is nice.

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