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KC where is your dessert spot?

When your sweet-tooth kicks in, where is your favorite dessert spot in Kansas City?

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  1. Easy and obviously:

    Murray's Ice Cream and Cookies
    &Christopher Elbow Chocolates

    1. My husband and I went to M&S Grill on the Plaza the other night just for their Boston Cream Pie. It is so good. Lately, when we are craving dessert, that is where we've been going.

      I also like Murray's and Elbow, but I'm going through a cake/pastry phase right now.

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        Have you had McCormick and Shmicks Chocolate Bag? It's not on the menu but incredible. Tiramisu at Carmen's is really good.

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          I second the chocolate bag at McCormick & Shmicks. SOOO good!

        1. re: goroe

          I'm with you: mangoes with lime and chili.

        2. I would say Tatsu's Tiramisu is the best in the city, the Chocolate Mousse, Warm Cherries and Pastry Cream, and Souffles are excellent as well. Cassis has great desserts and Megan Garrelts' desserts at bluestem are top notch which you can get in the lounge & dining room.

          * I also try to make it a habit to stop in at Elbow's on a weekly basis and Murray's of course.

          1. Summer Eats.....
            Foo's Frozen Custard - hard pressed to find something else..but..
            in the summer...
            Miami Ice (39th street; KU Med area) - shaved ice w/frozen custard on bottom. Now open Lulu's frozen flavored ice (ward pkway mall - dillards/tj maxx) parking lot...
            Cookies - The Classic Cookie at Gregory & Wornall

            The new Babycakes Bakery in the River Market is good for a cupcake attack - you can just get one, which is nice.

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            1. Most of all of the above (I love desserts!) and I'll add the mango ice cream with almond tuile-like cookie at One Bite- we're addicted! I'll also add Twisters- I have them make me a "Katie special" of chocolate custard, oreo pieces, and caramel mixed in.

              One Bite Japanese Grill
              8602 W 133rd St, Overland Park, KS 66213

              Twisters Frozen Custard
              8675 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66223

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                All of the desserts at Carrabba's on Metcalf are pretty dang good.

              2. Dean and Deluca sells a praline carrot cake that's heinously good. I also like certain flavors at Sylas and Maddy's Ice Cream, of which unfortunately they only make the cappucino chip and oatmeal cookie regularly. If you see the blackberry, usually late summer, try it, it's tasty. One Bite has these deep fried pastry wrapped raspberry cheesecake bites that I can never finish off, as they're completely gut busting, but oh, so good.

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                  how could I forget the coconut macaroons at Dean and Deluca?!? If they had a location on the plaza, I would be in big trouble!
                  I've also enjoyed their brownie selection.

                2. I have to add the bakery at Whole Foods. I absolutely love their berry chantilly cake. I served it this weekend at a baby shower and it was a hit, everybody gushed over it! I know they serve it by the slice, too (if you can limit yourself to just one).

                  When I lived in Lawrence I loved the fruit tart at Wheatfield's, but their carrot cake is yummy goodness...really everything they serve. You can't go wrong!

                  It's a good thing there aren't any desserts worth splurging on in Olathe or I would be in trouble.

                  1. I can't say I have a favorite I guess it just depends upon what I am craving. Christopher Elbow Chocolates, Artisan Francais, 3 Women and a Oven, Andre Suisse and Shakes are some places I enjoy hitting up for my sweet tooth cravings.

                    1. hello!!!! What about Andre's (south of the Country Club Plaza) a must for Swiss Chocolate lovers.

                      Then there is that place 3 Women and an Oven around 150th & Metcalf

                      There are two Cheesecake Factories!!!

                      1. I just found my new favorite dessert place today!!! Dolce Baking Company in the Prairie Village Shops. I picked up the best creme brulee! I also got some excellent cupcakes and a few strawberry shortcakes. Anyone know how long this place has been open? I never get over that way, we were kind of driving around looking for a new place to try.

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                          Megan at bluestem was on the 20 list for best pastry chefs in the whole country from James Beard this year! I think she is doing the most creative stuff in town!

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                            Not too long...I want to say 2-3 months.

                            1. re: Aaron Deacon

                              Oops, more like 6...my wife said they opened around Thanksgiving.

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                                We went back and picked up some more creme brulee Saturday! I really need some help with this addiction!

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                              Dolce rocks! Love their brownies!!!!!

                            3. Oh, so many good options!

                              I just love Perkin's for the best pie in the area. So many to choose from! I believe there is one around 87th and I-35.

                              If you want ice cream, look no further than a little place called Baskin Robbins. Great ice cream, great atmosphere and -- best of all -- there's several of them in the area, so you never have to search too much to find ice cream. Enjoy!

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                                Sylas and Maddies for ice cream! One used to be in Olathe - and then one in lawrence, of course.

                                Try the shakes at Blanc Burger in Westport- yummy!

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                                  Sylas & Maddy's is still open in Olathe. I just called to confirm.

                                  1. re: KansasTravel

                                    Miami Ice on W. 39th Street has Sylas and Maddy's and some other quality product. It's a good little joynt and it's across from Fric and Frac which is always an experience.

                                2. re: rockinthesuburbs

                                  The two BR stores nearest me closed in the last couple years, the ones on SMP west of I -35 and on 87th St in Lenexa. I'd rather go to Sylas and Maddy's than the BR near Strang Line, personal preference for a locally owned business, plus better product in many instances. I do like BR's black walnut, though.

                                3. I thought the posted replies were funny here, because not only does Dolce Baking Co have great pastries (like the rustic apple tart) the carrot praline cake, brownies and macaroons that were notable from Dean & Deluca are actually baked by Dolce Baking Company too! Hm.

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                                    I didn't know that, thanks! Dolce is WAY off my beaten path, so it'd be forever before I got in there, but will now have to make some good excuse.

                                  2. My favorite in KC is Tropicana on Southwest Boulevard. They are an all in one Mexican and Latin American sweet shop. They have about 12 types of ice cream, I recommend the pine nut for the ice cream. But, I like to think their hidden treasure is their popsicles. They have I'd guess about 30 flavors there as well as various sweet rolls, smoothies, chocolate dipped bananas, fresh fruit dishes, and sweet drinks. The best part is that it is all super cheap! It's open 7 days a week and if you live in the area, you must check it out.

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                                      I second Tropicana. The one in Independence on 40 highway and Little Blue Parkway (formerly Selsa) serves Fruit Salad, which contains all sorts of fruit-apples, strawberries, pineapple, mangoes, with honey, yogurt and granola and other good stuff. They cut up the fruit right on the spot: it's great. Also love the lemon meringue and peach cobbler at Niecie's.

                                    2. The chestnut souffle at Pachamama's in Lawrence is excellent. It's not KC proper but, almost a suburb now and so worth the drive.

                                      1. The Pastry Goddess in Briarcliff had the best cheesecake I've ever tasted but I was in that area this week and saw the shop was closed. Not sure if she moved to a new location or what.

                                        When I have an ice cream craving.. it's Sheridan's Custard all the way. Love love LOVE the Caramel Pretzel Crunch!

                                        I have to also agree w/ the recommendation of the chocolate bag at McCormick & Schmick's. Absolutely wonderful!

                                        Babycakes is great and so are some wonderful treats at McLain's Bakers in Waldo.

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                                          The Sweet Guy just moved to Waldo from Parkville (i think?) - is really good. Chocolates/truffles and gelato.

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                                            Babycakes is good. Haven't been there in awhile. Going into warmer weather, you have to like Foo's, which is also fun for families. Recently went to The Sweet Guy...wasn't too impressed. Mulberry & Mott's has really nice treats.

                                            If you go corporate, you can't go wrong with Dean & DeLucca.