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Best steakhouse for ribeye steak

Can anybody recommend the best steakhouse in Manhattan specifically for ribeye steak?

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  1. I've tried many and I still love Strip House.

    1. I had a fantastic, utterly fantastic one at Mark Joseph. Some of the other cuts haven't loved, especially the dried out, football sized filet.

      1. Fourseasons,

        1. Wolfgang's
        2. Ben and Jack's

        Personally, I do not go to them, I go to the original that spawned them but that is Luger in Brooklyn which is probably off limits for you and the fam. They started serving ribeye last year.
        My compatriot who is about the same in taste(less critical a bit though) on steaks has recommended Wolfgang's(I think Tribeca location but should not matter) as surprisingly good.
        Ben and Jack's gets good feedback on this site, whatever that is worth.
        Both serve ribeyes.
        Ribeye is not the most promoted cut in NYC amongst the high end houses as you probably have figured out.


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          Luger serves a ribeye now?! holy cow, get me there!

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            I never tell a lie. At least not on this board.
            Not sure how much they stock, how often it is ordered, if they ever run out but they do serve it. Hope it is great for you if you get it. Nice to have another option.


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            Why (ahem!) is Luger's serving ribeye?

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              There is a shortage of porterhouse up to their standard it seems. At least there was so they started serving the ribeye last year to obtain more quality beef. Could they take it off the menu at anytime? Sure.


          2. Great recs so far but I would like to add Uncle Jack's Fred Flinstone chop. I had it a few months ago and it was one of the best steaks Ive ever eaten.

            1. I had a very good one at Shula's.

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                Smith and Wollensky Grill - The Bone In Cajun Ribeye is the best steak I ever had.

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                  Always wanted to try S and W's Cajun RIbeye. Do you know what spices they put on it? Is it very spicy? I am typically a pure steak man and don't tend to like seasonings to overpower the true inherent rich flavor of the meat.

                  1. re: steakrules85

                    The seasoning does have a bite to them which is why I like it. They certainly do not overpower the taste of cow.

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                      Cool. Never been to S and W but definitely will make it soon as a priority. I know their prime rib is supposed to be really good too. Dying to try that as I love a nice thick prime rib on the bone.

              2. Landmarc in Tribeca serves a good ribeye. I have not been to the TWC location.

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                  Landmarc in TWC is nothing special but is acceptable or if you have 4 kids which at least half the people there do. Definitely will not serve THE BEST of anything.


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                    I second BLT Prime - order it with the chimichurri sauce on the side - it is amazing!

                2. Every publication for the past 2 years has labeled the spice-rubbed ribeye at Porterhouse, New York as the best steak in the city. Having had it, I agree. It beats anything any of the old-school chophouses are serving.

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                    While I have never had it, I would tend to disagree with every publication labeling it as the best ribeye. Also isn't it boneless? The best ribeye in the city MUST be bone-in IMO to have any kind of serious recognition. Having said that I do know that Porterhouse now offers their bone in Cowboy steak every night. I will go to try it soon and give my detailed review for all to hear about.

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                      As a followup I have since tried the ribeye at Porterhouse. And while it was very good, definitely not the best I have had. I had to send my first one back because it was not cooked properly rare (see my review).

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                        la rural, on 97th/amsterdam. i have been several times and *always* have their ribeye - it's fantastic.

                    2. The Post House is the same owner as Smith and Wollensky and has the cajun Rib Eye as well. For me it is superior to S&W for some reason so I go there.