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May 24, 2008 02:04 AM

indian vegetarian restaurant for anniversary

In th Western burbs or Schaumburg-Rosemont area. Doesn't have to be fancy - just looking for really good veggie Indian food.

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    1. The decor is not fancy but the food is out of this world. I recommend India House in Schaumburg. It has a buffet for dinner daily and the items are always different and are delicious and things you will never find on any other restaurant. I've tried other restaurants when I could not make it there but there is no place like it. I am also a vegetarian and LOVE it.

      I'm sure Shree is delicious but just looking at their menu it has the usual Indian stuff. India House will have delicious items you have never seen before but will be craving after your visit.

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        Thank you both. I have heard good things about Shree as well - they specialize in dosas. Taj Mahal in Bloomingdale was noted for the food, not much on decor, but I'll definitely be checking it out soon. For the anniversary, it's looking like India House, also recommended, perhaps the Oak Brook location, though we may end up close to Schaumburg. I love the idea of an evening buffet - on Saturday's, too?

      2. India House has buffets everyday for lunch and dinner. We just ate there tonight! I hope if you try it you enjoy it very much.