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May 24, 2008 12:01 AM

Puerto Vallarta: Wedding Rehearsal dinner/Reception Caterer for destination wedding

Hi All,

I am new to Chowhound and am so incredibly impressed with everyone's input! I would appreciate any advice any of you could give in helping me plan a rehearsal dinner and choose a caterer for my wedding (of about 50 guests) at the VIlla Mia in Mislamoya for October 2008. I am searching for a fun, yummy, Mexican restaurant to hold the rehearsal dinner, and based on what I've read, El Arrayan seems to be the perfect place. I am also searching for a restaurant to cater the wedding reception and am looking for food that is Mexican, but with a little flair for a more formal occastion. I would also prefer for the food to be different from what people will be eating at El Arrayan. Based on my research, I'm considering Agave Grill, Cilantro's, Epoca, Mestizo and Si Senor, but have read little about these restaurants from these Chowhound Boards. Does anyone have any suggestions for a caterer for the wedding reception or have any opinions about the restaurants I just listed? I would need a caterer to do both the cocktail hour and the dinner.

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  1. I did attend a private party at El Arrayan and every body loved it , you should deffinetly contact them. For a good caterer in town you can contact em-vallarta. They do an excellent all-around job at planning any event.

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      Thanks so much for your response. I'm looking at a party of about 40-50 people and El Arrayan seems to be great for ambience and food. Where did they do the private party- inside or outside? And how many people? Did they do family style, a la carte etc? Have you heard anything about La Rueda?

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        it is a small restaurant , has a very outside feeling but it is inside, Mexican style, That time it was for around 80 people. Excellent cocktials open bar, appetizer, ceviche, beef molé and homemade tropical sorbets.La Rueda? never heard of it...

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        1. Oh, you will have a beautiful wedding! We looked at Villa Mia for my daughter's wedding (2 years ago), and settled on a villa in Conchas Chinas -- Villa Quinto del Mar. The rehearsal dinner was actually at the groom's family's villa, at the foot of the mountain where we were. We ended up shuttling everyone down to the beach for pictures. Treasure every moment -- it will be the experience of a lifetime. Many of us (including the wedding party) ended up staying for a week after the wedding so that the bride and groom could spend a fabulous week with their friends and family. It was the experience of a lifetime. If you get a chance to get to Carmelitas, try to do so. The food is not the very best in Puerto Vallarta, but the view is breath-taking (as is the ride up the mountain). Here is a link to our candid shots.