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May 23, 2008 11:02 PM

Luna Park Brunch

I'm brunching this Sunday at Luna Park on La Brea. Anything worthy of ordering?

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    1. re: ReelMike84

      I'm a geek for the mac & cheese. What did you end up getting?

      1. re: brekkie_fan

        I wanted a Monte Cristo but it wasn't on the menu. I ended up with the fried egg sandwich and my girlfriend had the salmon brie fritata.

        I put the review on CHOW here:

    2. Sorry so late... but I LOVE Their Monte Cristo! :D

      Their Chilaquilles on the other hand were disapointing... :P


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      1. re: Dommy

        I have to respectfully disagree on the chilaquiles. I enjoyed them when I ordered them--but it's been a while, so you can take my endorsement with a grain of salt.

      2. Honestly I think the mojito is the best thing they serve. Get a virgin one if you're not imbibing.

        1. Late to the game, but the only thing I really enjoy at Luna Park is the Dublin Dr. Pepper cocktail.

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          1. re: Azizeh Barjesteh

            Try the Chappaquiddick cocktail, with the Monte Cristo (I agree with Dommy!) or the stuffed french toast.

          2. Luna Park used to be solid on all accounts. They used to have a great chef at the helm, and their quality, and consistency has gone way down. Their fries used to be the best in town, ans so were the chiliaquiles and monte cristo. It feels very cheap in there these days, so I don't go anymore after too many disappontments. It's too bad, it was a great place years ago.