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May 23, 2008 10:19 PM

Good Eats by the SD Zoo

So my family and I are going to the SD Zoo in a month or so and I was wondering if anyone knew of good places to eat for lunch that is close to the Zoo so we can leave and come back after we eat. I know that is very specific but I thought I would give it a shot.

But if you can't think of anything ... at least add some must haves that we should do while in SD in general. ;D

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  1. Parkside Eatery would be one of the closest.

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      I think you mean Parkhouse Eatery ;-) there's also Cafe on Park at Park and University. Mama Testa Taqueria, just a few blocks west of Park on University is good and fast. Mama's Lebanese, on Alabama at El Cajon is just a few blocks the other direction, off El Cajon. Best falafel ever. Eclipse Chocolat, right there on El Cajon is also worth a visit. Just to clarify, the Zoo entrance is on Park, and all these places are about 5 minutes north of the entrance - University and El Cajon are major arteries that cross Park Blvd.

      In the park proper, you have the Prado and Waters Cafe (in the Sculpture Garden.) Both are ok and very convenient - nice setting for outdoor seating if the weather's nice. You can also try Albert's. The Prado and Alberts are sit down and a little pricier than the other options.

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        Parkhouse Eatery

        Thank you, Alice

    2. Honestly, there really isn't anything close to the Zoo, thus it wouldn't be worth the effort. Better options are packing lunches as the Zoo allows this (although no straws or bottles), or try Albert's. Albert's is a nice sit down restaurant with decent food, and good service. Plus it's really not any more expensive than the other food vendors, however, you'll need to make reservations.

      1. The Prado is basically right next door to the zoo and I have always had a pretty good meal..
        We usually go there for drinks and app's before a show at the Old Globe..festive and a good time.
        Have fun in SD katie!

        1. If you're wanting a place to walk to, then Prado is probably your best shot. If you're willing to drive, then Mama Testa in Hillcrest is a good spot for unusual tacos from all over Mexico.

          1. We are def willing to drive if it is worth it but I didn't really expect there to be something but i thought i would try. ght