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Sandwiches in SD

I am going to be in San Diego next weekend for the marathon; my hotel is in the Sea World area. I am looking for a good pre-race sandwich on Saturday night. I don't want to spend a ton of money but I don't want to end up at a chain, I would like something unique to the area if possible. Since it's the night before the marathon the sandwich can't have a ton of fat and not be crazily seasoned, I don't want to get sick while running or be unable to sleep. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. The Cheese Shop in La Jolla is a deli with excellent sandwiches. However, its a little ways away from Sea World and I'm not sure if its open in the evening.

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      not open in the evening, have a location downtown...not open in the evening. Sorry.

    2. Bread and Cie, in Hillcrest, makes my favorite sandwiches in town. Not sure how late they're open, but I think they meet your criteria.

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        Love Bread and Cie..
        Also, Crest Liquor in PB/Crown Point makes some pretty good sandwiches too.
        Across from Rocky's Crown Pub.. ; )

      2. Try the cheesesteak or chicken cheesesteak at the Gourmet Bagger in Sportsarena. Very close to SeaWorld. the deli at Mona Lisa's in Little Italy is also awesome. i like the Caprese with imported prosciutto added. EZ J's in Pb is really good. Try the Malibu. Poma's in OB, the meatball sub or turkey sub.
        Good luck in the marathon, I'll be doing it also!

        1. When I was doing distance running, a long time ago, I always chose a tuna melt the night before the race, not too heavy and good protein with whole grain bread. Kono's on Garnet in Pacific Beach makes an excellent tuna sandwich, Broken Yolk on Garnet makes a tuna melt and also, Bread & Cie is always very good. Good luck!

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            Kono's closes at 4pm on the weekend, 3pm weekdays.

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              I've got a feeling the marathoner will not be eating or staying up too late.

          2. I would suggest two locations in Ocean Beach (just down the way from Sea World). Chris's Liquor and Deli on Sunset Cliff's and West Point Loma has a large number of specialty sandwhiches, very popular amongst the locals. Also, Poma's Deli on Bacon St. and Niagara Ave. in Ocean Beach has great Italian subs. You can probably request light on the oil if that's a concern. Here's the link for Poma's.

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              Wow, now there's a blast from the past. I used to eat Chris's sandwiches all the time when I lived in OB. Good stuff. The Greek Captain was my go-to. Their sour cream potato salad with bleu cheese and bacon is really good.

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                The Olive Tree on the corner of Sunset Cliffs and Narragansett also makes pretty terrific sandwiches. It's not too far from where the OP is staying and would probably fit the bill as well.

              2. Thanks for the input everyone! Now it's just trying to narrow down the field, I'm thinking Bread and Cie or Chris's. It'll probably come down to a coin flip or a decision based in what are of SD I'll be at when I get hungry.

                1. Seisel's Meat store-just on the other side of I-5 makes great sandwiches.

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                    Seisel's sandwiches are a great idea - very close and very good. Right next to that is Bay Park Fish Company, which makes a delicious grilled swordfish sandwich. I've run the R&R marathon a few times, and my pre-race meal is usually the BBQ chicken pizza at Calif Pizza Kitchen...I know it's a chain and you can probably find more interesting things to eat, but it did the trick for me - kinda bland but not too bland and the right mix of protein vs. carbs, if you know what I mean. Good luck in the marathon - it's SOOOO much fun!