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HELP! visiting montreal and need advice

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hi am going to be in montreal in june and need some resto/hotel suggestions. Restaurants in the mid-high end range, hotels in the low-mid range( my priorities are clear;) thanks...

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  1. I would suggest you go to www.fodors.com in the "talk" section for hotel recs-

    as for restaurant selections, can you give us more direction as to your likes and dislikes, and how long you'll be in town, work or vacation ?

    1. I suggest you use www.priceline.com to get a hotel, as you can get a hotel for a much reduced rate; you don't choose the hotel, just the star level. Go for a 4 star hotel; they are all in the downtown area. Start your bids at $80. Read the rules as to when you can bid again (higher) in case your bid gets rejected. As long as you are not planning to be in Montreal during Grand Prix weekend, you should get a room at a reasonable rate.