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May 23, 2008 08:24 PM

New Job in DC (K betw. 13th and 14th): Need Recs

After 16 years in Falls Church, I will now be in downtown DC. I know DC Coast is a block from my office, but what else is good in, say, a three-block radius?

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  1. business lunch or casual lunch?
    i work on k between 12 and 13 and even though i brown bag 99% of the time, the only place i will buy lunch from is the juice joint on vermont ave. fresh, good, love it.

    but for businessy lunches there's tons of places. olives at 16th and k probably has a good lunch (only been for dinner)

    1. Wow, big change Bob. Sorry to lose you from Falls Church. My number one tip would be El Rinconcito at 11th and M, but that might be a five block walk. The carne deshilada is one of my favories meals in DC. Good tamales also, but I wouldn't veer too far from those recs. At Brasserie Beck, (11th and K) the potatoes gratin with pork belly is disguised as an appetizer, but is really a filling meal for $11. Still, not for everyday.

      1. For cheap, quick eats, Port of Piraeus at 13th & I serves pretty decent Greek standards. There's also the Korean food cart at 14th & L.

        Luigino at 12th & H does a nice lunch. You can run up the bill pretty quickly if you want, but you can get out for $15 if you just get a sandwich or pizza and soft drink. I've sat at the bar many a lunch with that plan.

        1. The Soho there isn't too bad for cafeteria style, but if I remember correctly it is cash only. I second Port of Piarieus (sp?). Also Bangkok One is decent for a thai lunch that isn't too pricey. Siz Ex I think it is has acceptable to go sushi. I used to frequent the Cosi mainly because it had some really healthy options.

          You aren't too far from Cafe Mozart 13th and H for German Deli.

          There is a Julia's empanadas there I think, it might have moved.

          For business Brasserie Beck is a great option already mentioned, Ceiba is probably about 4 blocks and is really good, too. Tuscana West is right there, but I have never been and never hear about it. Morrison Clark may be a few blocks beyond your request. Georgia Brown's is about 3 blocks.

          There is a Capitol City Brew Pub not too far, but may be 4-5 blocks, and right by it is Bobby Vann's Grill and if you wanted something different Acadiana is probably about 5 blocks. I haven't been to Mio yet, but it should be close. McCormick and Shmick's is either 3 or 4 blocks down K from you.

          And there was a good little burger place right there in my building, I forget the name, will try to think of it.

          1. Welcome to Franklin Square, Bob. We have a few decent places within a couple blocks.

            Favorite casual lunch places: Juice Joint, Port of Piraeus, Cafe Mozart, Korean food cart on 14th and L, occasionally Brown Bag or Cafe Phillips or Loeb's deli. I generally uphold a no Soho policy unless absolutely necessary.

            Favorite business lunches: Brasserie Beck or the Passion Food places, aforementioned DC Coast or Ceiba or Arcadiana. Sadly Corduroy is a little outside the 3 block radius since it moved from 2 blocks to 6 blocks away near the convention center -- I don't think they are open for lunch yet anyhow, but a recent dinner there was great.

            Sadly there is no decent place for casual drinks after work. Maybe Bobby Van's Grill if you want to pay $5-6 for a domestic beer. Maybe post pub too. I am still pining over the departure of Stoney's to fancier digs.

            Let me know if you discovery anything else tasty and good luck with your new gig.

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              Bob, you'll probably get to Loeb's Deli at some point. It took me about seven years. I went thinking it couldn't be as bad as I've heard on Chowhound.

              Oh yes, it could be. Just remember, you have been warned.

              1. re: dzherbst

                Another after work location to consider is Le Bar at 15th and H st. Can be pricey if not careful but their menu is decent and the food is good.