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May 23, 2008 08:01 PM

Blue Talon Bistro, Williamsburg-Disappointing

Couldn't get a reservation for the Fat Canary, so I tried Blue Talon with my daughter and her BF. After a great start with a fabulous New England clam chowder it was downhill all the way.
New York strip steak was a dry flavorless cut seared on a grill that left the flavor of black char without any tang of smoke to even it out.Honey-lemon chicken-tasted pretty much like the rotisserie chicken at our local grocery store. Duck-yuck. I love medium-rare duck breast-but this one step above duck sashimi. The outside rim was barely gray and the rest of the slices was just really raw-I mean not even warm. The leg quarter was braised but at some point had dried out completely. All was covered with a "cassia sauce" that tasted like melted jelly- so achingly sweet it turned the whole thing into a candied meat experience - no tart or savory balancing it at all. I did ask the kitchen to sear off the breast slices a bit more and of course they came back like wood chips.
All the dishes were accompanied by grilled veggies-squash and eggplant slices cooked on the grill and tasting only of the same black char. Except for mine, which tasted like jelly-coated black char.
The soup, 2 cokes, 1 glass of wine, and three entrees came to $120.
I can't understand all the fuss. I never eat at places in the "tourist zone," but this one sounded pretty hopeful. I'm going to try for Fat Canary tomorrow-they're booked but I hope I can squeeze in at the bar since I'll be alone.

One other thing-there was a pretty weird combo on the menu-mahi mahi with keilbasa. Huh??????????

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  1. Have to agree. Had a disappointing dinner there tonight. Pretty friendly service, but our meal was accompanied by too many flies! Of three adult entrees, dry, flavorless and no distinct flavors would pretty much sum it up. Somebody needs to tighten things up. Used to have good food with spotty service, things have reversed unfortunately.