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May 23, 2008 07:54 PM

La Laiterie, why????

We had a not-so-hot meal last night. My BF had mac n' cheese which was basically a bowl of bruleed cheese and cream the penne had no texture left whatsoever, and i feel penne is not the best choice for mac n' cheese. I had the charcuterie (25$) and the mole salume and chicken liver pate were quite good, but the house made garlic pork sausage was SO dry it was spontaneously crumbling all over the plate, and the "head cheese" (also done in house) had NO flavor whatsoever. How do you get pork to have no flavor? I appreciate the craft of trying adventerous dishes, but they MUST be executed properly and taste great if you're actually going to serve them. Also they're not fooling me with those beer prices. Yes they have an interesting selection but we are familiar with quite a bit and i saw a weiss beer on their list at 7$ that is 3$ for 16 oz draft at e&o tap. My BF and i are industry professionals, so we know what we expect but are hesitant to make a fuss when we're out because we feel people relate us to the restaurant we work at.
I feel like we should have gotten a GREAT product for what we paid. So sue me, I guess that's alot to ask nowadays. We should've stuck to chez pascal i guess. Sorry Matt.

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  1. Dunno. But it's not a lot to ask for. Perhaps the reputation set your expectations too high. Was it your first meal there?
    I don't understand people's obsession with mac n' cheese. Perhaps it's a regional or N-E thing, like the apizza in New Haven. I don't consider it a high-class dish, but then I think of it having Velveeta or the like on top...
    But, I digress. I had to dig to find out that you were talking Providence, RI.

      1. I'm surprised... I've always had a fantastic time at La Laiterie! The mac and cheese has been hot, gooey and flavorful and we always get the charcuterie and a cheese platter. My husband is the one that usually eats most of the sausage, I'm just ok with sausage, but he's always found it to be delicious. Maybe it was an off night for them, or the sausage was on the older side, but I'd give it a second chance before writing it off completely.
        I've been hearing great things about Chez Pascal, they're right down the street from me, but I've never been... I keep thinking about heavy, rich, traditional French food and have no desire for it. I'm assuming that maybe they're not like that?

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          I've always had good experiences at La Laiterie too... The mac n' cheese thing for me has always been a play of flavors and textures, especially if there is a crunchy component to work off of the soft texture.

          There is admittedly a comfort food factor, though. The warm memories of M&C bleeding into the present and making things taste better than they otherwise would.

          1. re: jenluxy

            Chez is not heavy French at all-- though you can get cassoulet in the winter. Their spring menu is online:

            I, too, enjoyed Laiterie though I didn't try the mac and cheese. The scallops were excellent though, as was the burger.

            1. re: GSM

              In my experience, Chez is the best and most consistent restaurant I have dined at in the state.

              1. re: Sean

                I agree 100%. Time and time again, the food has been stunning.

            2. re: jenluxy

              i hope you are right! i would hate to scratch it from our list, as i enjoy the wine list and have had good food there in the past, i think... chez pascal is definitely french but not rich, heavy, unapproachable dishes that sometimes are associated with french cuisine. if you want to give it a try, a good option is their bistro menu which is offered tues-thurs i believe? it inludes app, entree and dessert and a glass of wine for @ 35$.