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May 23, 2008 07:21 PM


Looking for somewhere for a birthday dinner....guy loves steak...for a number of reasons passing on cut...He goes to Lodge all the time so that's not "special?....ideas?

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  1. I have always liked Nick and Stef's in downtown. Over the years they have been consistent and I have never been disappointed.

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      Second Nick & Stef's. I could not agree more with cincyn, always a solid meal.

    2. I haven't been but my husband says Mastro's............

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        I Second Maestro's. I went to the BH location 2 weeks ago and had the most amazing bone-in ribeye and bone-in filet (shared by 2 of course) i've ever had. The sides were incredible: tuna tartare and lobster mashed with a spicy ceasar salad.

        If you want romantic get a spot on the entrance floor. however if you want some music and a crowd sit in the second.

      2. Jar on Beverly: Kansas City Strip or Rib-Eye...unf@#*ing believable...hip room/gr-8 service.

        Taylor's on 8th St. : Filet Mignon like fist; delicious and groovy room.

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          I used to love Taylor's on 8th St., for their great old-school atmosphere (leather booths, dark bar), stiff drinks, and eminently edible steaks (not the best, but definitely well-priced compared to Musso's et al.; I always get the Culotte, with the occasional bone-in rib-eye). But after some 8 years of fandom, I may have made my last trip to Taylor's. It's bad enough that the Molly salad is no longer free with the meal; now the meat is sub-par and the service mediocre at best. I went last week with some friends, and not only were all our steaks overdone (a steakhouse should know the difference between medium-rare and medium), they tried to charge us for four extra drinks. It took arguing with four different people to have the erroneous charges removed. And as we noted, the guy at the bar was new and the older female waitresses were nowhere to be seen on this busy weekend night. Adieu Taylor's... we're back on the hunt.

          1. re: AliLovesLA

            Wow, so sorry about your experience. I love it, too, and have never had such a time there. While I wish the molly salad was free, I still get it every time and love it. And my bill still runs much lower than any steak place in town. I tend to get the filet (I was never a huge fan of the culotte) and the filet always is very good. Sorry it chased you away, though I understand.

        2. Mastro's won't disappoint. I took my boyfriend and he loved it. The service was flawless and there were affordable wines to compliment steak which melted in your mouth. SIdes verged on too much butter & salt for my tastes - but my boyfriend thought it was just right.

          1. I cant say its the "best steak" I have ever had but Mastros is my favorite place to get steak . . . and I make steaks at home all the time . . .

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              Went again last night. Got the 18oz bone-in. Love it more every time I get it.