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May 23, 2008 06:52 PM

Whose Going to the Crawfish Festival next week, NJ??

I feel like a kid waiting for xmas - this is such a fantastic time. Awesome New Orleans food, crawfish is excellent (I eat it at least twice or three times a day) - jambalaya is fantastic. The music is outstanding. It's in Augusta NJ at the Sussex County Fairgrounds.

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  1. We went last year and had a wonderful time. There aren't too many places up here where you can get good crawfish and etouffe. And the entertainment is so good too. We plan to go again this year. Great experience and a fun time.

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    1. re: oceans

      Is it worth it to go for the day?

      1. re: snowjewelz

        I say absolutely!!! But depends on how far you're coming, we have a good 5 hours to get there so we stay for the whole thing - taking Friday and Monday off.

        1. re: lexpatti

          I'm in Westchester. Probably a 2-3 hr drive. The word crawfish fest just make me salivate haha so I might just make the day trip to see what it's all about!

          1. re: snowjewelz

            well worth the trip,...the food, the music, the crowd, the can't go wrong by going....have some fun...

    2. a serious consideration for me....used to live in louisiana...and look forward to this every deciding on how many days that I'll go....good eats....and great entertainment

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      1. re: robertjsweet

        me too, lived in La. for 7 years but from New England and now back in New England. Grad from high school down there - I really miss the food, people and music - this is my dose. We'll camp for the whole thing - that first Friday nite is awesome - almost like a private party for those in the camp grounds.

        1. re: robertjsweet

          I went last year and it was a fantastic time. Great music, happy people and the bathrooms were spotless.

        2. Thanks for the rec! I'm definitely planning on going on Sunday afternoon. Looks like the food and entertainment should be great!

          1. OMG, we ate at least 30 lbs of crawfish over the last 3 days. We loved the food and music. We had aligator sausage that was fantastic. The pheasant, anduille gumbo was out of this world. I couldn't get enough of the jambalaya, filled with chx and sausage. Crawfish bread was great, as was the beignets. we camped since Friday night - brought wonderful food like marinated lamb kabobs with a dill lemon yogurt sauce and pita bread - DIDN'T TOUCH IT!!! I just wanted to eat NOLA every minute. What a great time - can't wait for next year. If you've never been, it's a must.