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May 23, 2008 06:49 PM

Boulevard; great dinner but some things bugged

We had a wonderdul celebratory end of semester dinner last night. Fantastic table near the back of the restaurant with full view of the bay bridge, not too crowded, just great! Outstanding food including scallops starer and t-bone lamb and short rib entrees. Wines by the glass selections were perfect (syrah and chardonnay), really tasty desserts and cappuccino to end. Dinner with wine, desert and cocktails

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  1. Thanks for the report. What exactly bugged you about your experience?

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      Sorry! Somehow this post went out prematurely; I did not have a chance to finish. . . Anyway, the service was a little weird, but they had plenty of servers, so that part was great. Calling me (47) and my daughter (20) both "madame" sounded kind of artificial and phony (the guy was definitely not french). Also, when I first arrived around 5:10 via foot, the valets weren't sure if the restaurant was actually open. Once I entered through, I saw my husband at the bar so figured it out. . .Dinner for the three of us (two adults and one hungry college student) was around $250. It was actually about 10 years since I had been to this restaurant, but was happy to find it still so beautiful and delicious. I wish I could afford to go back more often!

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        You price tag isn't too bad! I went alone and spent about $200 for a full tasting and wine pairing and tip.

        I love the place.

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      Boulevard Restaurant
      1 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94105