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Cuban sandwiches, baked goods in Ocean Beach

There is a cuban inspired bakery opening on Newport Ave. in Ocean Beach, San Diego...just west of the corner of Newport and Sunset Cliffs. It's a little place named Azucar. Not quite open yet, but I've ordered a few items on their menu to bring a box of snacks to a pot-luck (www.iloveazucar.com) ...The dessert with the caramel & cocoa nibs and the mojito cookies that are on the menu are awesome. The meat pies are even better.

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  1. This looks so cute, I think I might drop by next week. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Definitely sounds worth checking out, Thanks.

      1. I just printed out the menu...OMG. Four types of cuban sandwiches served with greens and a choice of mango or balsamic Vinaigrette. Cupcakes $2.75. Mojito cookie - chewy lime cookie with fresh mint $1.20. Tiger butter cookie - peanut butter white chocolate $1.20. Almond macaroons - guava, guava marmalade, vanilla, passion fruit curd $1.50. Apple cake tatin $2.25/slice. Bars, cakes, bundt cakes, scones all under $2.25. They have invested a good amount of thought in their beautiful website design. I am so there this weekend.

        1. Love the website..the menu and the price point!
          Going to be down there this Sat night and Sunday morning and this looks like the perfect place for Sunday morning breakfast.
          Thank you!

          1. Wow...I am excited about this!!! Thank you so much for reporting on it Beach munch.

            1. I've passed by several times, didn't think it was open yet. It looks promising, I checked out the menu, I'll have to try the Cubano.

              1. The menu looks great, sign me up for the Papa Rellena. Good find beach munch.

                1. I'm going to bump this up...any one know if Azucar is open for normal business yet?

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                    I just walked by there this morning. It doesn't look too ready to me - looks like a couple more weeks, but you never know...

                    I walk by often so I will post as soon as it's open.

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                      Thanks for keeping us up to date Shannon, looking forward to this place opening.

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                      They are still not ready but it looks like it may be getting close. I'll check it out later in the week. Hopefully they'll be open by OB Street Fair, which is the 28th.

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                        One more update - today I walked by and who I think was the owner was there. She told me they are going to try to open by June 28 - OB Street Fair, but it might be the Monday after.

                    3. great news, I am looking forward to this place. It is hard to get away from South Beach and Newport Pizza, but I love cuban food so we will definitely be checking it out.

                      1. How was the OP been able to order a few items off the menu in May when it seems to not yet be open?

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                          I think the owner posted that the OP was a friend of her husband and she had been testing recipes on him or her. The website - great website - says they're open now, but did it always say that. No phone number on site.

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                            It has always said that. When I e-mailed the owner, she said they would be open mid June, so we should be close.

                        2. Azucar is open! I didn't go in (too sweaty and also, had no money) but I'll go and have a proper look - and a sandwich - this afternoon.

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                              Well, it's pretty dangerous. :)

                              They don't have everything out yet, but the mojito cookies, the brownies, the banana white chocolate bundt cake ALL look awesome. I had a sandwich with serrano ham, manchego and arugula that was served with plantain chips. The sandwich was good and large enough to split with someone, especially with all those chips. The chips are good - not greasy at all, and come with a REALLY garlicky dipping sauce. Almost a little too garlicky for me.

                              They were giving away samples of the pineapple coconut scone - they are great - super light and flavorful. They also have other scones served with homemade preserves.

                              I had to restrain myself a little, but I got a Cuban stuffed potato (papa rellena) and a coconut flan for later. I seriously wanted to try one of everything.

                              They have a tiny seating counter but you could also take your items to the beach to eat them.

                              This really is a great addition to the neighborhood. Can't wait for cupcakes...

                          1. My sweetie and went there for lunch yesterday and neither of us can wait to make it back there! Everything we tried was delicious. We had a cubano sandwich and the pulled pork was tender and quite flavorful. We put some of the garlic sauce on our sandwiches and it made it even tastier. I agree that the plantain chips were good, very crisp and not greasy at all. I had a passionfruit bar which struck a good balance between the sweet crumb crust and the slightly sweet and tart passionfruit curd filling. It was topped with raspberries, regular and the gold variety. He had the coconut cupcake and all I have to say is that I cannot wait to order that myself. It was moist and the icing was real buttercream (I think maybe cream cheese, but not positive on that one) instead of the usual confectioners sugar & butter/shortening blend that passes for buttercream all too often. We look forward to subsequent visits and will report back as we try other things on the menu.

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                              The cupcake frosting is cream cheese... I had one of those cupcakes a couple of days ago - awesome!

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                                Shannon, how was the papa rellena? I know Newport Ave. pretty well, what businesses is Azucar located next to?

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                                  The papa rellena was pretty good - I didn't heat it up enough. Out of everything I have had there it is probably my least favorite so far - but this could be MY fault... in fact it probably is.

                                  I'm really excited about this place - I even wrote about it in my blog and I hardly ever blog anymore.

                                  It is on Newport right next to the optometry place and across from Portugalia. I think there use to be a real estate agent there.

                                  1. re: Shannon

                                    Thanks I know exactly where it is. Looks like I'll be making a visit soon :-)

                            2. As soon as I read the words "meat" and "pies" together I had to go! It's a few blocks from me and I stopped in on a sunny afternoon. Everyone who worked there greeted me immediately and was extremely friendly. There were samples abound and despite my claim not to have a sweet tooth, I found them incredible!

                              I got two "pastel de carne" meat pies and one ham croquette. I wasn't crazy about the ham croquette but the meat pies knocked me off my feet! After biting into the first one I told my friend, "These should almost be illegal..." They are incredible!! I think "moderation" will be important for me to remember when I eat these. They're delicious but surprisingly heavy. Beware of the Meat Pie Coma!

                              1. I almost forgot...

                                1. Nice story in the UT today on Azucar..
                                  Have not been but when they mentioned guava cream cheese..that did it!
                                  I'll report back what I had..

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                                      By coincidence, being the insomniac that I am, I watched a locally produced KPBS show on tivo tonight called "Wonderland". The host is OB raised, sweet guy but pretty amateur. Still, he does fun profiles on SD people you may not have heard of, each episode features a different SD community. This one was his fourth installment on OB and he featured the owners of Azucar towards the end of the episode. I think it repeats at 430am on 8/26 (according to TIVO) if anyone is interested for recording. I think worth watching just for the info on artisan made glass ware, including pretty little OB shot glasses and jewelry.

                                      1. re: foodiechick

                                        Thanks foodiechick!
                                        Being one of the few true OBeachian's...born in OB.
                                        From my fav Pac Shores and now Azucar...makes a home girl proud!

                                    2. re: Beach Chick

                                      No wonder they were so packed yesterday! I walked by in the afternoon and it seemed awfully busy for a Thursday afternoon.

                                      Thanks for posting this - great article!

                                    3. Married to a chef, you hafto create your own rituals since his schedule doesn't allow for the usual Friday night dates or weekends away or really anything else normal people do regularly. One of our few absolutes is the once-monthly trip to Dog Beach followed by a do-it-yourself dogwash in OB for Simca, the dog. Now we'll happily add Azucar to the routine. Our first visit to Azucar wasn't perfect. (not a fan of the garlicky meat pie) but the pastries are blessedly scaled to an average eater and not the grossly monstrous oversized globs that afflict even Bread&Cie now -- a very good sign of a wise baker. The coconut pineapple scone was tasty. We loved the Guava turnover and the absolutely light quiche, attractively made for one. We hope they will perfect their heating-up method. BUT the design of the cafe is very stylish for San Diego (the owner is world-travelled) and my cafe con leche was hot, hot, hot: just the way I like it. We brought home a pretty cupcake for our tonight's dessert. My man is making me Chilis En Nogada, and that is why marrying a chef is heaven.