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May 23, 2008 03:06 PM

Water Ice in Vegas!!!

I've recently moved out to Vegas from Jersey and have been dying to get my hands on some good old fashioned East Coast Italian Ice. I grew up on Rita's and I must say I've been very disappointed with Vegas Italian Ice. Until now! A place just opened up on SW Vegas (Ft. Apache and Trop) that tastes just like the East Coast water ices. It's not so frozen that it's impossible to eat. It's nice and watery and they even offer custard to go with it. It's called Frozen Aces and it's fantastic. Anyone else been to it?

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  1. How's the custard, specifically the vanilla? What flavors of water ice do they have? We were just in Philly last Saturday and had a Rita's fix. Live in L.A. where no one knows what water ice is. But, we are frequent visitors to Vegas so if you say this place holds a candle to Rita's then we are so there.

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      I'm also a transplanted Easter Coaster and went to Frozen Aces this past week. The custard is very, very good. Right now they only offer vanilla. They have the gelati. The owners told me their flavors rotate but they always have mango, strawberry, cherry, watermelon, and lemon. It just opened and I'm glad I stopped in. I brought my kids in and they loved it as well. We will definitely be going back on a regular basis.

    2. I am from vegas and this is really exciting to me... i cant wait to try it ! Thanks!

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        I just went to Frozen Aces yesterday for their free ice. I love the gelati. The fruit ice (I had mango) together with the vanilla custard was really good. Never had anything like that before. I'll definitely go back again to try another flavor!