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Take out or catering for small party in Pasadena

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We are having a small (10-12 people) party for my father's 70th birthday in Pasadena. He likes just about everything foodwise. Looking for an idea for take out or catering --food we can just pick up for next Saturday evening. Will try anything, Italian/pizza, sandwiches, BBQ. Anyone have any good ideas???

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  1. There's a small little Mediterranean take out called Gerlach's south on Fair Oaks. It's next to the drive in wine shop. Something different. Or to be safe Louise's in Old Town.

    1. On South Arroyo, Good Times Pitza Kitchen

      Terrific Food and nice staff. If you search for them on this board you will see several good reviews.

      1. Good Times Pita Kitchen. Excellent food, nice staff. there are several reviews for them on here

        1. The Kitchen in west Pasadena on Colorado Blvd past the Colorado Blvd bridge going towards Eagle Rock.
          Very experienced reliable caterers with vast array of choices, High quality and very tasty food.
          Check out their website, give them a visit, sample some of their prepared items (they have a good variety of to go items), and have a talk about how they can make it a special day for your dad foodwise.


          Disclaimer: My only relationship w/ them is as a customer.

          1. Here's another choice, for Italian consider Porto Via on California just west of Fair Oaks. I don't have much experience with their prepared dishes, but they're also hi quality and have a large choice of items for catering.


            1. i attended a birthday party last week with amazing food that was catered by elements kitchen:
              while the menu we enjoyed had obviously been worked out ahead, they have very good take-out items, and i'm sure they could put some great stuff together on pretty short notice. a talented bunch in that kitchen.

              1. For simple and tasty (and very reasonable prices,) how about Milano's Deli in east Pasadena (Colorado at El Nido, in the same strip mall as Fu Shing, toward the back south-eastern side)? Highly recommend the falafel, humos, kebabs, pita sandwiches, tabuli, and fresh fruit smoothies.

                Oh, and you could swing by Sarki's, on Washington, and grab a pound or two of assorted baklava, too.

                On a different note, you could get an assortment of sandwiches from Fredo's on Lake (just north of Orange Grove) - couple of different cheesesteaks, maybe the hot veggie sandwiches (my S/O loves them), couple of the chicken cheese sandwiches - and (if they're still doing them) a large fancy-ish salad. Dan might be able to provide an assortment of desserts, too. http://www.fredosphillys.com