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May 23, 2008 02:25 PM

Restaurants for dogs

Where can go with our dogs when we're in LA?

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  1. santa monica is highly dog friendly, esp places on montana, like
    caffe luxxe
    le marmiton
    blue plate
    via dolce
    kreation kafe
    and i'm blanking of the name of the italian place near 7th st
    plus there's the wagging tail, which is a great specialty shop for the puppers with edibles and well as wearables.
    also in Santa Monica
    il forno caffe on ocean park

    In WEHO/city-side
    Tango Grill
    Urth Caffe
    Susina (even has biscuits
    )Angelini Osteria
    The Belmont
    In Beverly Hills
    Coupa Cafe
    Cafe Marly
    A Cow Jumped over the Moon

    in the Marina/Culver City
    c & o trattoria
    La Dijonnaise

    in Venice
    French Market Cafe
    3 square bakery

    if in the valley, aroma in studio city

    the hotel (used to be the loews but it changed names so i forget what it is now...) at beverly dr and pico takes dogs and this is where my father always stays with his pup when in town. they treat them very well, with biscuits on pillows at night.

    1. Huntington Beach's (I know, it's OC) Central Park has a cafe that has a "people" menu, and a "doggie" menu. I think the name is Alice's, and it's mostly outdoor seating, and many folks there are with dogs not only because the cafe is dog-friendly, the park has an off-leash dog park as well. And if you continue west on (I think it's) Golden West, there's an off-leash dog beach as well. Not exactly high dining, but a decent place to chill out with your pups after you've all been out together tossin' frisbees...

      1. LA County Health does not allow dogs (except seeing-eye dogs) in restaurants or on patios. I hate the fact that some restaurants don't know about this code, or simply do not care about the health code.

        1. In Long Beach on 2nd St. you can walk around w/your dog and many establishments have bowls of water outside for the pups. Also, most of the restaurants have patios and you will see the dogs sitting on the outside of the patio, but right next to their owners.

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            This is common in Venice as well (almost as many dogs as people in this part of town as far back as I can recall; thus, Dogtown), and the majority of dog owners have become far more responsible about dog-related issues, if you know what I mean (grooming, litter, socialization). In the past 10 years that Abbot Kinney has evolved and more eateries have opened, the only negative experience I've had with dogs on this street is the occasional litter. This obviously can't be helped as there are almost no places along this street where a dog can duck out and do his business. Dogs are an integral part of the culture in the hood. The reality is, regardless of any ordinance, one has no business being around Venice if dogs are an issue.

            Another few places on or around Abbot Kinney where dogs hang out with their owners:

            Abbot's Habit Coffee House
            Stroh's Gourmet
            Brickhouse Cafe

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              River's End in Seal Beach has outdoor patio on the beach that is dog friendly. End of first street. Large parking lot.

            2. The original comment has been removed