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May 23, 2008 02:10 PM

Hot Posts not working properly

I review the content of several Boards using Hot Posts to check the new messages.

Just this afternoon (5/23), whenever I click on the Boards I frequent I receive a message for each one that there are no new posts. However, when I check the Boards themselves (using the Popular Boards section) I see that this message is incorrect and that there have, in fact, been multiple posts since my last visit.

Please look into this problem or let me know whether you have changed the protocols.

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  1. Having the same problem -- but I can get into My Chow and My Posts. Your Unread Posts, however, comes up empty.

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    1. I'm having the same problem. Hot posts is NOT working. Using Firefox.

        1. re: Engineering

          Seems okay -- I was able to get into Hot Post...

          1. re: Sarah

            I can get into Hot Posts, too, but as soon as I click on one thread, all the other hot posts disappear. When I use the back arrow, all hot posts have been cleared.

            It's as though clicking on any of the threads signals "mark all as read."

            Edited to add: Now that problem seems to be resolved but some of my saved edits to this post have disappeared. Using Safari.

          2. re: Engineering

            Argh! Opened HP for Boston board, yes they're there, zip over to this post to see resolution, go back to Boston--all marked as read!! All in about a minute.

            1. re: Aromatherapy

              The same thing just happened to meā€”again. I'm (almost) glad to see that I hadn't imagined the suddenly "missing" hot posts last night. At that time, there were no other reports of the problem.

            2. re: Engineering

              Not only is it working again, it is working like it used to.

              When you click, "Mark all Topics as Read," you get the desired response, "There are no new posts." It hasn't worked like that for a few months.

              1. re: brentk

                I spoke too soon. Now it is back to showing all of the previous posts when I click "Mark add Topics as Read." I liked it better the other way, but I can live with it as it is.

            3. I am having a similar problem- only some updated threads show up on MyChow. When I check specific threads on the main page, I find that there are other threads with new posts that do not appear on my MyChow.

              1. New problem: Checking Hotposts in the morning yields only 2 pages worth (about up to "2 hours ago") even though it's been 12 hours since I last logged approx 10 hrs of posts have evaporated...

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                1. re: Sarah

                  This morning I got only ONE page of HotPosts (up to about 23 mins. ago) -- then it said there were no new posts -- liar!