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May 23, 2008 02:07 PM

Old Oakland Farmers Market - a little updating

I walked through Old Oakland Farmer's Market today and it looked different. The basic layout of where vendors are positioned changed and it appears there's quite few new vendors, and all of the former.

I didn't get to look around carefully but noticed Bakesale Betty, Cafe Gratitude, Scream (sorbet) and an Agua Fresca stand. My sister told me about BB on the phone but it was sold out by the time I got there but I saw the ironing boards. Wanted to try the sorbet and fresca but didn't have time.

It seems better organized and easier to get around, all the prepared food vendors seem to be in the same area.

Anyone else get to check it out and see what's new?

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  1. You were too late. I was there at 7.45am this morning (am staying at the Marriott next door) & managed to grab BB's delicious scones (pear & ginger, raisin, etc). Didn't see any lamingtons or brownies though, but no queues :-)

    Sure beats having to drive all the way up to Temescal. I'm already looking forward to next Friday!

    1. Yeah, it was awesome! A really nice selection of produce and quite a few organic vendors including one close to Broadway on the right side (sorry, didn't get the name. Something like Callahan's. They're from Hollister. I'll get the proper name next week) that was selling nice-looking stuff at really low prices. I got 3 baskets of strawberries ($5), some brocolli (.50/lb), english peas (?), a bunch of carrots ($1), a head of romaine ($1) and a red onion (?) all for $10. They also has califlower (sp) ($2), baby squash & parsley(?) He said he'd have even more stuff next week. I can't wait!
      I was there about 9:30 am and everyone still had stuff. The Utah cheries I found were pretty nice (3.75/lb) and I got some farm fresh eggs for $2.50 (ever since eggs went up close to $2, I'd rather give my $ to the actual farmer than the corporate chain). I still plan on supporting my local (Alameda) market, especially since Esther's German Bakery & La Farine are there, but I'll be hopping on the 51 to Downtown Oakland much more often on Friday mornings from now on.

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        Wow, the stuff you got was all organic? Or just from the first vendor you mentioned? Those prices are great. We've been going to Grand Lake or Temescal, and I've been wondering how I could get some good organic produce a little cheaper, since lately we've been spending an arm and a leg on fruit. Peaches $3 a pound...ugh.

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          I don't know about the new vendors they've brought in, but in the past, most of the vendors at the Old Oakland market have not been organic. On the other hand, the selection of Asian veggies is really remarkable.

      2. Yeah, the market organization (Urban Village, the same folks who run Temescal, Montclair, Palo Alto, and others) decided to nice-ify it - basically, with all the changes you noticed. They brought in a lot of new vendors all at once (my boyfriend runs Scream Sorbet) - I know we'd been reluctant to do that market because it starts so early in the morning (who wants sorbet at 9am?), but it's ended up being one of our favorite markets already.

        I worked the market during lunch rush the last two Sundays, and one of my favorite customers was this woman who bought a take-home and some ice packs to keep it cold - she said she had a freezer at work, but didn't trust her co-workers not to steal the sorbet. Where did she work? The jail. :)

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        1. re: eeblet

          I'm actually driving across the country to move to this neighborhood and reading your posts is helpful.

          eeblet-- you mention working the market on Sundays-- is this the same place as on Fridays? I look forward to trying the sorbet!

        2. I haven't been to the OOFM in a number of years, but am curious if the crawdad vendor ever comes thru there occasionally (or regularly)?

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            I just ask my boyfriend (who's worked this market for the last few weeks, and worked it last year for another vendor), and he said he's seen a fish vendor, but never any crawdads. Sounds awesome... too bad.