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May 23, 2008 01:47 PM

Best Jamaican Patties

Anyone got a suggestion for where to get the absolute best Jamaican patty in Montreal? I go to Mister Spicee usually, but find that they really don't taste like they use to when I was going to high school in the area (let's just say that was in the early 90s).

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  1. i have a feeling that all jamaican patties in montreal come from the same aisle at costco
    but prove me wrong!

    1. My vote is for the Jamaican Pattie at El Corridor. That lady knows how to cook... Well-spiced, nice flaky pastry, very delicious.

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      1. re: moh

        El Corridor doesn't make their Jamaican patties that they sell(I asked when I ate there several weeks ago).

      2. I really like Bonne Bouffe on Sherbrooke in NDG, near Harvard. And as a bonus, their jerk chicken is legendary.

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        1. re: bomobob

          I've passed in front of Bonne Bouffe a few times in my car, but did not realise that it served carribean food. Thanks for the pointer, I will check it out. Not to mention I love jerk chicken.

          1. re: culinaryescapade

            Yeah, seconded for Bonne Bouffe .

            And their jerk chicken is amazing but bewared: It is the single spiciest thing I have ever eaten. This coming from a person who grew up on Indian food. The last time that I had it, it was so spicy that I actually felt lightheaded and dizzy.


        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I'm looking to buy patties frozen to order. i'm 6 hours away north from Montreal. I found some place but you have to live in the US. Even a place in Toronto.... Does Costco really sell some? First reply by Celfie says so but never saw any.

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            1. re: ericdragonheart

              they sell frozen ones at PA on du parc

              1. re: ericdragonheart

                Yes, Costco does sell them. They're in a large yellow box in the frozen section. I don't really care for them (not spicy enough for me) but hey, you just may like them!

                1. re: ericdragonheart

                  Mr. Pattie on Patricia in NDG/Cote St. Luc. The best in my opinion and can order to your taste in advance.